Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Greatest Gift Ever :)

It's been almost a month since the last time I wrote something here. As I said in the previous post that I want to be more focus and make priority toward my thesis, then finally..finally God, I already completed it :) Thank you for everyone, everything that helped me to finish it. After a month full of struggle, haunt for my content advisor's sign, tried to make it complete here and there, and any other things that I can't mention anymore, finally, I had my thesis exam yesterday on 27th September 2013 \(^.^)/ Alhamdulillah

My friend told me that thesis exam isn't scary as compre exam, but well, for me, it was still quite scary. A week before the test, I've been worried who will be my examiner, then 4 days before the exam, the announcement about the test date and the examiner came out. I got Mr. Sugeng as the examiner. I think we were destined to be together *eh *lho, haha, that was because he was also became my examiner on my compre exam. In the end, I'm still grateful for having him as my examiner because actually he's kind lecturer even yeaayh, sometimes.. you know what I mean,,haha

Declared passed the thesis exam without revision is such a wonderful thing especially it was a day before my b'day. Thanks to Alloh SWT, all praises are belong to Him :) For me, this is the greatest gift that I've ever got during my life.

Looking back when I tried to finish it, and haunt for my content advisor's sign, those aren't easy as you hear. Well, those are steps that I have to pass, I guess. Whatever it takes, I've been succesfully completed all the steps to join in graduation ceremony next 2 months, on November :) Start from now on, I will start thinking about what I'am gonna do next because for me, being unemployment isn't a chooice. Well, life isn't stop here when I've finished my bachelor degree, the real life even just began from here. I know that life will never be easy, but as long as I have my only one God, I think I'm ready to face every obstacles that would appear in the future. In the end of my prayer I'm still whispering that I will achieve my dreams, even if it takes long time.

Oya, before I finish this post, I wanna say thank you for my best supporters Dwiky, Pandu, Rizka, Meutia, Rahma, and Tyas who come along in order to support me on my thesis exam, also to my others besties who sent me their chocolates, Sheylla and Lina, thank you for the toblerone(s), really wish you were here girls :)

Below is the picture just after I finished the thesis exam :)

In front of IP building with Dwiky, Pandu, Rizka, Meutia, and Rahma

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