Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Job Girl \(^.^)/

Finally, this is the last series of my friends exam period...Yeaaaayyhh..Congratz to everyone that has passed the exam succesfully :) As I mentioned before in the previous post that Tyas will be the last person that will face the compre exam , so today was the day. Today was Tyas's turn in joining it, then as expected before, she passed the exam..yeaaaayyy. Congratulation for you girl \(^.^)/ One by one you've cleared the steps.

If I looked back then, I still remember around a week ago, still went to your cafe to joint you guys while study for the exam. Aaaah,,I miss your lontar cake#eh hahaha. Actually I missed those some moments when  four of you study together that usually ended up by Rahma's curhat..haha. "Go "banckrupt" your Company soon ma" that thing which I usually say to her :p 

Since you've passed compre exam, now you can more focus on your thesis. Really hope that we can graduate together this year. Keep spirit to finish our thesis soon, and dont ever be lazy to meet Mr.Sigit to have consultation. Ganbarimasho (^.^)9

In front of IP Building

With others :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Congratz Dwiky and Nonik \(^.^)/

Hellooo guys,,haha. You must be bored with the similar tittle in my blog that I've writen lately. Really sorry, as I said before that this month is a hectic month, since there are some of my friends that joint in compre and thesis exam. Yaa,,this year is the last year where we'll still together, that's why I want to make as much as memories to be remembered, and this blog is one of the tools that I choose to keep those happy memories :) Through those posts, you'll know more about my friends then,hehe

As I mentioned before in the previous post that Dwiky was joint in the compre and thesis exam in the same month. His compre exam was on Tuesday and Thursday (23/04/2013 and 25/04/2013) , then his thesis exam was Today (29/04/2013) together with Sheylla :) If you confuse about who Nonik is, then I'll tell you that Sheylla and Nonik are the same person,hhe. Her relative usually called her Nonik, that's why we called her Nonik too :)

Aaah,,one by one my friends are leave me alone here. That was so sad eveytime I think about graduation. Gonna really miss you both when you're not around anymore :( but it's oke, because I believe even we're apart but our heart will still connected, because we are "Konco Kenthel", best friend forever, right?hahaha
So through this post I wanna say congratulation for you guys that have been passed the last and biggest exam in this university. Can't wait to come in your graduation ceremony since you both graduate with cumlaude predicate :) Wish that I can also follow your path and graduate this year :) *Amiin*

Below is our pictures

First Row: @Meutiarahma, @fraistifina, @NonShey
@dwiky_hary, me, @HariLumos
Second Row: @FranksieNumb8, @riizka, tyas, and @AstridinaW

The examinees

The girls

Sheylla's presents from us. 
Oy, the roses are special for her since Sheylla been whispered 
that she wanted someone to give her flower in her thesis exam
"For Dwiky, dont be jealous since you only got cake n chocolate" :p

Friday, April 26, 2013

Congratulation Boys \(^.^)/

Woaaaaa,,,I think April is a hectic month since there are some of my friends that had Compre Exam, they are Rahma, Dwiky ,Danu, and Tyas. Beside the compre exam, Dwiky also had Thesis Exam with Sheylla. I still remember that Rahma and Dwiky have been started to study since February this year, even Danu was started to study since November 2012, kinda very long time (since I just study for a month) hhe.

2 days ago, Rahma has been officially passed the compre exam, then yesterday was Dwiky's and Danu's turn. They both got similar schedule with Rahma, I mean they had 2 days for the exam whereas usually it only takes one day. Oy, they are divided into 3 groups. Rahma was in first group with mas Yugo (my senior-IP 2008), then Dwiky and Danu were in the second group, then the last one was Tyas, together with mbak Timod (my senior- IP 2007). If I've to compare the examiners between those 3 groups, I would say that Tyas was very lucky. Eventhough Rahma was in different group with Dwiky and Danu, but I could say that their examiners were more dangerous than Tyas's. But then yeaah,, Dwiky and Danu have proved that they could "beat" the examiners just like what Rahma did, even better :)

So tonight, I want to greeting you guys. Congratulation for you both \(^.^)/ congratz for you that have been passed the compre exam with good mark, you guys did a great job. yeaaayyhh
Oy, I almost forgot to say thank you for your treat on yesterday afternoon. Furthermore, I hope you guys succeed with every plans that you have in the future. Once again, congratulation :)

Below is the pictures that taken after the exam :)

In the front is @HariLumos
from left to the right @ega_yamin , @NonShey , @Dwiky_hary , and @fraistifina

together with others
First Row: @Nowo_ , @rezaciptadi, @ilham_sukmawan
@adhityabuzat, @HariLumos
The Second Row: @yogamawan , me, @ega_yamin, @dwiky_hary
@FranksieNumb8, @Meutiarahma

The examinees

At artemy

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Congratz Franksie \m/

Good night,,really in good mood tonight \(^.^)/ Then this post is special made for one of my beloved friends, +Franksie Cool  a.k.a @FranksieNumb8 a.k.a Rahma Yunita Sari. I just wanna say, congratulation for you Frank,,wooohoooo...well done girl!! finally you have successfully passed the compre exam..WE proud of you,,you "beat" them..yeaaaaaaayyyh \m/

See, God is always sees our effort..just do your best and let Alloh do the rest :)
Had 2 days as the schedule for the exam, and got Mr.Suwaldiman, Mr.Muqodim, and Mr.Sugeng as the examiners in the compre exam are like getting in the hell, but you succeed "beat" them, and getting out from the hell. Really grateful then seeing you finally passed the exam :)

Since you have passed the compre exam this semester, I hope your thesis in the next semester gonna run well too. Keep spirit girl, keep being a girl that always on fire in everything. Haha. Never let anyone knock you down. Whenever you feel alone, just remember that you still have God that always be there for you 0:)

Ah yess,, below I put also the pictures of your celebration just after the exam :)

From left to right: @dwiky_hary , @linatrianitaa, @FranksieNumb8
me, @riizka, tyas, @Meutiarahma

Hyaaa,,then suddenly @HariLumos, @adeladelia
and @rizkyraja came around and joint us :)

The picture above is made by Rahma as her gratefulness to us 
that always support her :* :*

Friday, April 19, 2013

Thesis Proposal-Galo

Hollaaaaaaaaa,,,,it's been long time I didn't write anything here. Hoaa,,,really miss you guys :* :* :*
I've been busy with my proposal thesis lately. Never know that this thing gonna make me crazy T.T
I do know now how their (my seniors) feeling toward this thing! Oh God, really..i do want to finish this as soon as possible. 

Find the journals, looking for the literatures, understanding the material, etc, those many things are my new activities, even library is my close friend now*sigh*
One thing that always said by my dad, everyone has been in my position. Writing thesis is one thing that did by everyone in university. If everyone can do it, then I can do it also. Yeah, that quote which always support me to finish this thesis. Oh God, I really hope that I can graduate this year. I dont want more semesters...really T.T

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