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Bima Satria Garuda

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Woyaaaaa,,,who watched the first episode of Indonesia Tokusatsu-Bima Satria Garuda yesterday? Yeaaayy,,I watched it :) been curious since the premier broadcasted in tv, finally I watch the first episode :)
Well, as reported in , started 30th June 2013, Indonesia's MNC and Japan Ishimori Production was started airing Indonesia's latest tokusatsu hero, "Bima Satria Garuda" or Bima the Garuda Warrior. 

The story goes when VUDO-the evil organization- that led by Rasputin came from parallel universe to steal Earth's natural resources like oxygen, water, and sunlight. Furthermore, Ray- a young man from Earth- was chosen to be a hero to protect the Earth. He can transform his self into Bima Satria Garuda by using the Red Power Stone that given by the mysterious man who called Mikhail.

As the main character, Ray Bramasakti is pictured as an orphan that honest and quiet. He is working as a technician in Satria Motor. He has close friends Randy and Rena, whereas Rena is Randy's younger sister. Oya, Bima was played by Christian Loho, then Rena played by Stella Cornelia (JKT48), while Randy played by Rayhan Febrian. For Mikhail's character, it was played by Ashitya Alkatiri, and Rasputin was played by Sutan Simatupang. According to the story,
Bima was granted the agility, focus, and strength of Garuda. He also uses a weapon which is named Helios. When it is called, Helios will come flying out form the sun. His finishing move is called as Garuda Strike. Hmm,,for the more further information, I think you can visit :) You can also watch it every sunday at 8.30 a.m in RCTI or watch the replay every saturday at 3 p.m. For the last info, this tokusatsu will only has 26 episodes, so dont miss it guys :)

Below is the pictures of Bima Satria Garuda, all pictures are taken from Google

Detail about Bima the Garuda Warrior
Detail about Ray Bramasakti

The casts

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