Friday, April 26, 2013

Congratulation Boys \(^.^)/

Woaaaaa,,,I think April is a hectic month since there are some of my friends that had Compre Exam, they are Rahma, Dwiky ,Danu, and Tyas. Beside the compre exam, Dwiky also had Thesis Exam with Sheylla. I still remember that Rahma and Dwiky have been started to study since February this year, even Danu was started to study since November 2012, kinda very long time (since I just study for a month) hhe.

2 days ago, Rahma has been officially passed the compre exam, then yesterday was Dwiky's and Danu's turn. They both got similar schedule with Rahma, I mean they had 2 days for the exam whereas usually it only takes one day. Oy, they are divided into 3 groups. Rahma was in first group with mas Yugo (my senior-IP 2008), then Dwiky and Danu were in the second group, then the last one was Tyas, together with mbak Timod (my senior- IP 2007). If I've to compare the examiners between those 3 groups, I would say that Tyas was very lucky. Eventhough Rahma was in different group with Dwiky and Danu, but I could say that their examiners were more dangerous than Tyas's. But then yeaah,, Dwiky and Danu have proved that they could "beat" the examiners just like what Rahma did, even better :)

So tonight, I want to greeting you guys. Congratulation for you both \(^.^)/ congratz for you that have been passed the compre exam with good mark, you guys did a great job. yeaaayyhh
Oy, I almost forgot to say thank you for your treat on yesterday afternoon. Furthermore, I hope you guys succeed with every plans that you have in the future. Once again, congratulation :)

Below is the pictures that taken after the exam :)

In the front is @HariLumos
from left to the right @ega_yamin , @NonShey , @Dwiky_hary , and @fraistifina

together with others
First Row: @Nowo_ , @rezaciptadi, @ilham_sukmawan
@adhityabuzat, @HariLumos
The Second Row: @yogamawan , me, @ega_yamin, @dwiky_hary
@FranksieNumb8, @Meutiarahma

The examinees

At artemy

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