Sunday, January 19, 2014

In the Edge of Decision

Have you ever feel that galau feeling? In this case is a worry feeling, specifically, related with your future? Well, I felt it since around a week ago, and I think you guys can guess what it is about >.<
Had been stayed about 3 months (or more) in my part-time job, but lately I can't help my Mom's command to resign from it. I knew that it's for my sake since I often get shift schedule till 11 p.m, but I just feel that I still have not get enough knowledge and experience yet from it >.<

Well, actually, i used to choose haf a part time job because i want to have my own money. It was started not long time after I had the thesis exam. I want to continue my Japanese Language Course but my Dad wont to pay the fee since at that time I was disagreed with him and rejected his command to join in SAP course. But then, eventhough at that time I was rejected his command, but deep in my heart I knew that all he want is for my future's sake. He wants to make sure that I get the best things that can add my value, in order to get a good job. Then slowly, I opened my heart and start had eager to know more about SAP. Then now, since I already joined in SAP, my Dad told me that I do not need to continue my part-time job to get money because he will pay me the fee of Japanese Course, so he wants me to resign from my par-time job as soon as possible.

I'm not confident enough with my own decision, I'm afraid that I'll make