Thursday, March 28, 2013

Congratz Pandu Bieber and Kiki \(^.^)/

Congratulation Pandu Bieber aka Pandu Seta and Dea Rizki aka Kiki who officially passed the thesis exam,, there will be S.E tittle behind your name soon \(^.^)/

Actually giving you both this greeting leave a pain in my heart since that's mean you guys gonna leave me to graduate soon,, :'( but it's ok, that's life. We met and apart. I hope in the future, we will gather again and recall all of our memories in the university, and at that time we have achieved all of our dreams :))

Oy, maybe you wondering why I called him as Pandu Bieber? I bet you could guess it, right? Yups, He used to one of Bieber's fans (I've no idea about today-hha), he even imitated Bieber's hair style. Everytime we going out for karaoke, he usually sing Bieber's songs. These reasons that make us call him Pandu Bieber. Hahahaa

Hmmm,,Pandu is the smartest guy in my major Accounting 2009 (he is the lecturers's beloved student). He also the first guy that will graduate from my major. I'm still remember the first time I met him in BP class, he's kinda active and perfect student. He always sits in the first row during the class, beside that he NEVER skip the class without any informations, then getting mark A- in one of our subjects are a BIG PROBLEM for him-like that's the end of the world :p . But I don't know what happened with him after he came back from South Korea. I think, he's not him self used to be,hhaha. The new pandu is not always sits in the first row again, then he sometimes skip the class without any informations, but the most surprising is getting B in one of our subjects (at that time is metopel class) isnt being big problem at all. haha *peace*. I think that changes are very good, that make him looks more relaxed and looked like common students (but that doesnt change the fact that he's still the smartest guy in my major) hahaha. Even there are some changes toward him self, but Pandu is still Pandu that adorable. He's still Pandu with PERFECT English-British accent. He's still Pandu that will help his friends while they are getting problems, and the most important is he's still Pandu, our karokean friend that always join us to hang out :)

Then for Kiki. Kiki is

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skripsi Oh Skripsi

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Kemarin pas belum ada judul, galau karena belum dapet jurnal..Sekarang udah dapet jurnal dan judul,,galau lagi karena takut buat uji datanya..Duuh ya Alloh,,bukan berniat ngeluh..cuma ingin berhenti sesaat untuk menghela napas, supaya bisa melanjutkan perjalanan di hari esok. Mohon dipermudah dan diperlancar ya Alloh. Amiiin 0:) 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sayonara HNA~ 130321

4 days ago was the last episode of HNA..huhuhu. We'll never watched that show again in the future, kinda sad >.<
Actually i've been missed some,no,many informations about them lately. I even haven't made post about their newest singles breatless and the calling. Really sorry guys :'(
Since this is the last episode of HNA, then I'll put it here. So for you guys who haven't watched can enjoy it :)

Himitsu No Arashi Chan 130321

Fos the last word, Sayonara HNA~

Taken from Arashi's Fans

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Faith (Korean Drama)

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Colossal or historical drama is one of my favorites. Watching the history movies (dramas) which are happened in the past then know more about those figures who took part in the history are really enchanted me. I admit that since some times ago, I felt really bored with K-drama which most of them are contain of love story or romance. That's why I stopped for a while to watch it and prefer to choose any  other kind of movies or dramas.  Unfortunately then, my movies (dramas) stock which are saved in my hardisk are out of stock, but there's one last drama which I haven't watched, and it is Korean Drama which has tittle Faith. I saved this drama since I knew that the lead artist who takes place in the drama is Lee Min Ho, my favorite Korean actor. But then yeah, as the reason that I've mentioned before, I thought that I only gonna save it and make it as my collection, till a week ago I decided to watch it. 

The first time I saw it, in the first episode, I never thought that I'll love this drama so much like today.Haha. I knew that Lee Min Ho is kinda a very good actor who always successfully played his roles in every dramas, but I never thought that Iam gonna love his role as the great General Choi Young, a great warrior, a captain of Woodalchi warriors-the loyal army of royal family, sooooo much. He was very cool and adorable. With his brave and loyalty to the King, I guarantee you'll never want to stop watch this drama till the last episode :)

Ok then, for the brief explanation, I'll share to you about this drama.

Friday, March 22, 2013

One Ok Rock-Be the Light

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It's been sooooo long since the last time I made post about the music review. Even I can say that maybe this post has been late for a while to share about this new single, but since this band still being my favorite, I still want to share it to you. So this is the new single of One Ok Rock. It's been released and on sale since 6th March 2013. This PVhas released through their official YouTube channel. "Be the Light" is one of the tracks off of One Ok Rock's latest album, "Jinsei Kaketa Boku Wa". This song expresses one's feelings towards the various crimes, accidents, and disaster that has happened throughout the world. Beside this song has very good lyric meaning, as usual, Taka-san always success to deliver the feeling and soul inside this song while he's singing. That's why this song sounds lovable. Actually I want to share the PV here, but unfortunately there's an error that make me couldn't put the video here. So for you guys who want to watch the video, please click here one ok rock-be the light :) . Oya, in order to spread the message of this song, the PV comes in 7 versions with subtittles in Japanese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese. Below I put the lyric that I got from japanese music world :)

Be The Light
by One Ok Rock

Just the thought of another day
How did we end up this way
What did we do wrong?

Even though the days go on
So far, so far away from
It seems so close

Always weighing on my shoulder
A time like no other
It all changed on that day
Sadness and so much pain

You can touch the sorrow here
I don’t know what to blame
I just watch and watch again

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Very Short Trip to Bangkok-KL

Just realized that i've been forgot this blog for a while. I've many things to deal with lately, but tonight I want to share about my trip when I visited Thailand and Malaysia for 4 days. I went there to accompany my mom and her friends from Dharma Wanita organization. I can't really say that I had holiday at that time, but yes, I  had great time there :) bunch thanks for my mom who paid me the cost to join there *hug my mom*

I'm off to Bangkok on Friday (15th March 2013) night just after transit in Malaysia for around 5 hours. I was stayed there for 2 days. Then my first impression about Bangkok is, It has no significant difference with Jakarta, starting from the time, environment, weather, and also the highway condition. Even though Bangkok  really similar with Jakarta, but I think there is still one thing that make it different. I found out there that Bangkok still keep their cultures and have many temples that usually used to worship. You can easily found there many people worship in the temple every morning, completed with the incenses which is provided in front of every temples. That thing which interest me so much. 

During my time in Thailand I visited

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gak Bakat Sombong (⌣́_⌣̀)

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Konbawa,good night,selamat malam...lama juga nie ternyata gue kagak cuap cuap di blog. Untung belum karatan nie blog,,hahaha. Hmmmm..oke deeh,jadi malem ini aku mau sharing tentang pengalamanku tiga hari yang lalu. Sebenernya malu sih mau cerita, tapi yaaa mudah-mudahan bisa dijadikan contoh dan pelajaran biar kagak ditiru sama orang lain.

Well,jadi gini awal mula ceritanya. Di rumahku itu (oke sorry, maksudny rumah orang tua-secara aku masih numpang), setiap orang pasti punya kunci rumah sendiri-ntah itu kunci garasi ataupun kunci depan. Hal itu buat ngegampangin biar setiap penghuni rumah bisa masuk tanpa tergantung sama penghuni yang lain. Khusus buat garasi, emang ada kunci asli yg selalu nyantol di sana biar kalo sewaktu-waktu ada yg butuh make mobil mendadak jadi bisa langsung dibuka, tanpa perlu minjem kunci salah satu penghuni rumah. Singkat cerita singkat kata, kunci garasi yang udah aku bawa bertahun-tahun itu tiba-tiba aja patah, mungkin karena tenaga yang super power ini tiap mau ngebuka sama nutup garasi kali yaa..whatever..pokoknya intinya, si kunci patah dan sama sekali gak bisa dipake. Nah, berhubung tu kunci patah, otomatis aku harus make kunci yang lain donk ya, sementara gak ada kunci nganggur lainnya (semua ada yg punya), kecuali kunci garasi asli yang selalu nyantol di rolling pintu. Yaudah,sebagai jalan keluar yang super duper effektif, jadilah aku langsung comot seenaknya kunci ori garasi. Awal niat sih cuma pinjem dan mau digandain secepetnya, tapi