Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Some times ago, Yogyakarta just finished celebrating its festival which is usually called as Sekaten. It gave me idea to share the information about it to more introduce my hometown's cultures :) Pictures are not owned by me. Hope this post could give you some information about it :)

Sekaten is long week of Javanese (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) traditional ceremony which is started with pasar malam (night market), fair, festival and ended by the main event which is usually called as Grebeg Muludan. The name of Sekaten actually coming from Arabic words Syahadatain. This event celebrated annually and in order to commemorating the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW that usually called as Maulid Nabi. This event started on 5th day of Rabiul Awal (Islamic Calendar) and took place in Alun-Alun Utara Yogyakarta whereas the Keraton is placed. It were initiated by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I (the founder of Keraton Yogyakarta) to invite Yogyakarta people to promote in Islamic faith.

As I mentioned before, this event started with night market, fair, and festival. That night market usually starting in the beginning around 3 weeks before the opening of ceremony. During that time, people around Yogyakarta could coming to that event and enjoy the fair or night market. There you can find some of playgrounds such as Kora-Kora, Rumah hantu, bianglala, and others. If you coming there with your little brothers or sisters you can also buy them some traditional toys, or maybe buy also some traditional foods and snacks that you can easily find there such as pecel, sate, kerak telor, bolang baling, cakwe, and others. You can spend time there with your friends by playing in the playground or just taking some pictures. 

In the opening ceremony,

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tonight, I want to share about Kobukuro's song with tittle Sakura. The video below is their live performance during performing this song. I choose this video because it was really feels deep and meanigfull. I can feel the meaning of this song, and yes, as usual they perform it sucessfully. The video and picture are not owned by me. Sorry if I made mistakes in translate the lyric.
Please check this out :)

Lyric Song of Sakura by Kobukuro

Na mo nai hana ni wa namae o tsukemashou 
Kono yo ni hitotsu shika nai
Fuyu no samusa ni uchihishigarenai you ni 
Dareka no koe de, mata okiagareru you ni

Tsuchi no naka de nemuru inochi no katamari , asufaruto oshinokete 
Au tabi ni itsumo aenai toki no samishisa, wakeau futari taiyou to tsuki no you de 
Mi no naranai hana mo ,tsubomi no mama chiru hana mo 
Anata to dareka no kore kara o ,haru no kaze o abite mite'ru 

Sakura no hanabira chiru tabi ni, todokanu omoi ga mata hitotsu
Namida to egao ni kesarete'ku
Soshite mata otona ni natta, oikakeru dake no kanashimi wa 
Tsuyoku kiyoraka na kanashimi wa
 Itsu made mo kawaru koto no nai, nakusanaide kimi no naka ni saku love...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival)

Some of you who really like to read Manga might be know about this Japanese Festival. It sometimes mentioned in Conan Meitantei Manga. It is just one of Japanese Festivals which have been impressed me. That's why tonight I want to make post about this Festival :) References for this post is coming from Wikipedia and a book with tittle Mengerti Bahasa dan Budaya Jepang which is wrote by Takayuki Inohana and Edizal, then for pictures are taken from Google.

Seven-tiered Hina doll set

Hinamatsuri is usually called as Doll Festival Hinamatsun or Girls' Day. It usually held on 3rd March. In order to celebrate this festival, usually the Japanese girls displaying a set of ornamental dolls whereas the Platforms is covered with a red carpet. That dolls represent the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian Period. The custom of displaying these dolls began during the Heian period. Formerly people believed that the dolls possessed by the power to contain the bad spirits. Families generally start to display the dolls in February and take them down immediately after the festival, that is because there superstition that says leaving the dolls past March 4 will result in a late marriage for the daughter. Hinamatsuri traces origins to

Saturday, January 26, 2013

VS Arashi 24 January 2013

VS Arashi 24 January 2013. In this episode Jun with his new hair cut. I think this guy really good with any hair cut models :) Videos and pictures in this post are not owned by me, I took it from Matsumoto Jun's Fans Page :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Otanjoubi Omedetto Sakurai-Kun (31) \(^.^)/

Today is Sakurai-Kun's Birthday..Happy 31st Birthday Sho-Kun \(^.^)/ Please keep healthy since you've many jobs that you should do , and keep brighten as you are always..yeeeeaaaayyy 

Source: FansArt taken from Arashi Daisuki

Source: Taken from Arashi Daisuki

New CM Jun-Meiji

Yatttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...finally it's provided in YouTube, the new CM of Matsujun :) Pictures are got from Matsujun's Fans Page :)

Below is the link for the video :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bank Burglary in BRI- Forensic Audit Assignment

Let me share to you my take home exam on midterm :) It's been while, actually, for me to wrote this paper, but then yeaah, I decided to share it to you, hope that it [maybe] could give you some benefits :) Enjoy it then. 

Source: Google

Bank Burglary in BRI (Bank Republik Indonesia)

On the latest 2003 we were surprised by the news related with the fraud cases which are happened in some banks in Indonesia, such as BNI, Mandiri, and BRI. Related with the fraud which is happened in BRI, we can call it as burglary. At that time Bank Indonesia (BI) received a report of a burglary at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) in amount of Rp 294 billion since the beginning of September 2003. Rudjito as the Director of BRI, Jakarta, Wednesday (3/12/2003) admitted that BRI management already knows that case on 23 September 2003, then a day later the problem was revealed by the regional office and reported to the BRI Center. Judging the case from the legal side, BRI immediately reported the case to the law enforcement. The chief of 3 BRI branches which is located in Senen, Tanah Abang, and Surkencana Bogor dismissed by the management just a week after the case came out. Rudjito further explained that the case was uncovered by internal Supervision Unit (ISU) of BRI. Still in the same month, BRI has conducted special investigation, then the report have been obtained in the beginning of October. The perpetrator is a man who has name Yudi Kartolo, he was the perpetrator who also broke into P.T Bank Negara Indonesia(BNI) a few years ago with similar model and detrimental to that Bank Rp 320 billion, and he was arrested not long time after this case came out to the public. The result of this investigation is stated that the total potential loss that may occurred by this case is Rp 294 billion. Related with the statement, the management stated that has reserved the potential losses that may occur and seek recovery. Reserves were established 100% over potential losses that occurred and have been charged to expense on the potential risks that may occur in the balance ofSeptember 2003.

The next question regarding the news above is how could that fraud happened to BRI which is known as one of the big banks in Indonesia which has good system? That unusual transaction has been

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

KOH+ (kissして)

Source: Google

Since last night I made post about Japanese Drama-Galileo, then tonight I want to make posting 'bout the roiginal soundtrack of this drama. As i mentioned before that Fukuyama Masaharu wrote this song and lyric, the accompanies Shibasaki Kou as the singer on guitar and vocal in the chorus. So, started from this drama, Fukuyama Masaharu and Shibasaki Kou work together as duo which named KOH+. Besides this song, there's also another song/single which is sung by them and still used as the original soundtrack for Galileo the movie, the tittle is Saiai, but then in this time, I'll just make post for Kiss Shite. Below is the MV of Kiss Shite. Hope you enjoy it then :)

Courtesy: YouTube

Lyric Song Kiss Shite by KOH+

dakara "BOKU" ga wakannai 
nakitakutte tanoshikutte 

shiawase no kotae michibiki dasu 
houteishi tankyuuchuu 

koi no CHIKARA koko ni aru 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Galileo ( ガリレオ) -JDrama (2007)

Since this week I've holiday before the final exam is started, I opened my hardisk and found out my old favorite Japanese Drama, the tittle is Galileo. This drama's genre is detective, mystery; my most favorite genre :) As you see below, that's the cover of the movie :)

Source: Google

This drama was broadcasted in 15th October 2007 by Fuji TV and consist of 10 episodes. Since the first episode, this drama has received high ratings, for example 24.7 % for Kanto ratings and 22.8% for Kansai rating, those are such a high ratings for a drama, I think. It is based on a novel series by Higashino Keigo who won the prestigious Naoki Prize in 2006. Since this drama was very popular at that time, they also released the special episode (they call it as zero episode) and the movie, still with the same main actor who played as the main character, Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu. 

In this drama-Galileo, Fukuyama Masaharu played as a genius weird scientist and university associate professor-Yukawa Manabu- who is actually loves with physics science that related with mystery phenomenon, then when it comes with a murder case, this weird genius professor just feels very interest and decided to help the detective which is played by Utsumi Kaoru as Shibasaki Kou to solve the case. One thing that believed by Yukawa is every phenomenon has cause, there's nothing that can't be explained by the  science. Yukawa is brilliant,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1000 Hari Eyang Putri

Besok malem, tgl 18 Januari 2013 tepat peringatan 1000 hari /3 tahun meninggalnya eyang putri. Eyang putri ku tercinta yang bener-bener aku sayangi seperti ibuku. Gak kerasa 3 tahun sudah kulalui tanpa kehadiran beliau, sungguh benar apa yang dikatakan pepatah, engkau tidak akan merasakan nilai keberadaan seseorang di samping hingga akhirnya dia pergi :'(

Masih hangat dalam ingatan, satu tahun terakhir sebelum kepergian eyang, aku dan kakak ku berbagi tugas untuk menemani beliau, mengingat tante yang menemani saat itu sangat sibuk dan tidak bisa menemani eyang selama 24 jam. Satu tahun terakhir itulah satu tahun yang menurutku paling berharga dalam sejarah hidupku bersama eyang. Eyang putri adalah sesosok eyang, ibu, istri, dan kakak yang sangat baik. Sebagai eyang, beliau menyayangi para cucunya dengan setulus hati; sebagai seorang ibu, eyang mampu menjadi figur/contoh seorang ibu sempurna yang tidak pernah mengeluh dan selalu tidak ingin merepotkan anak-anaknya; sebagai istri, eyang putri adalah seorang istri sholehah yang sabar dan patuh kepada suami, sekalipun tidak pernah membantah apa kata eyang kakung; yang terakhir adalah sebagai kakak, eyang putri itu sosok kakak yang sangat baik dan mengayomi adik-adiknya, hal itu dapat terlihat dari adik-adik eyang putri yang masih hidup yang sering menceritakan tentang masa muda mereka dulu. Betapa hebatnya sosok eyang putri ku. Dia sungguh idolaku :')

Masih teringat dalam benakku, eyang putri yang sering sekali memberiku uang saku dengan alasan untuk naik bis (padahal jumlah uang yang diberikan lebih dari cukup untuk sekedar naik bis), selain itu merk susu, mie instant dan roti kesukaan eyang pun tidak akan pernah aku lupa dari ingatan. Kebiasaan nya yang suka sekali mandi air hangat, serta ketidak inginanny untuk merepotkan orang lain meski itu anaknya sendiri adalah hal yang jarang kutemui pada diri orang lain. Eyang putri, eyang ku tersayang yang kuat dan tidak pernah mengeluh meski dalam perjuanganny melawan sakitnya di detik-detik terakhirnya. Seseorang yang selalu ingin aku temani hingga akhir hayatnya (setelah kedua orang tuaku), yang sayangnya keinginanku tersebut tidak dapat aku wujudkan. Eyang putri menghembuskan nafas ketika aku pulang ke rumah setelah beberapa hari berjaga di rumah sakit hanya untuk mengambil pakaian ganti dan bahan ujian karena pada saat itu aku sedang menghadapi Ujian Akhir Semester.

Dalam rangka memperingati 1000 hari eyang putri, maka pakdhe, budhe, bulik, dan om pun mengadakan acara pengajian dan doa bersama di masjid. Sebenarnya acara pengajian tersebut memang sudah rutin diadakan di masjid, cuma khusus untuk malam ini (Kamis, 17 January 2013) kami menambahkan doa untuk eyang kakung, eyang putri, pakde dan tante yang sudah terlebih dahulu menghadap sang khalik. Setelah pengajian malam ini, besok malam akan dilanjutkan pengajian jumat malam rutin seperti biasanya di rumah eyang bersama jemaah al-ikhlas :) Oleh karena serangkaian acara itulah kami semua anak, anak menantu, sodara, keponakan, dan cucu berkumpul untuk melaksanakan doa bersama. Kami senantiasa mendoakan eyang kakung dan putri, serta pakdhe dan tante yang telah mendahului kami, semoga mereka dilapangkan kuburnya, dan kelak kami semua, keluarga besar akan dikumpulkan di surga bersama.Amiiin :)

Oya, foto di bawah ini foto ketika bantu bantu mempersiapkan snack untuk acara tersebut :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nidji-Di Atas Awan

Source: Google

Good Evening....Another post about Indonesian song tonight. So this time I want to share about the new single of Nidji with tittle Di Atas Awan which is used as the original soundtrack Movie of 5cm. Before I put the lyric and the video below, I want to give little story about this band first :)
Nidji is a band from Jakarta, Indonesia which is formed in 2002. Nidji's name comes from the Japanese language which has meaning "rainbow". This band consist of Giring Ganesha as a vocalist, Andro as bassist, then Run-D as keyboardist, Rama and Ariel as guitarist, then the last is Adri as drummer. During this time, they have released six singles such as Child, Sudah, Hapus Aku, Kau dan Aku, Disco Lazy Time, and Biarlah. Heaven from Breakthru' album and then Shadow taken from Top Up album were used as background music in South East Asian season promos from the popular television Heroes and they also provided the soundtrack for Laskar Pelangi (2008), and Sang Pencerah (2010). Nah, this year Nidji choosen to made the soundtrack for 5cm. the movie :) There's still no official video for this song, so the video below is the movie thriller which provide the sound as the backsound :)

Courtesy: YouTube

Lyric Di Atas Awan by Nidji
Cinta satukan hati
Kuatkan jiwa menghadapi dunia
Segala cinta dan muka
Kuatkan semua persahabatan

Kita penantang impian
Biar tak sama kita kan menang
Kita penakluk dunia
Biar tak sama kita kan menang..menang

Bila kau merasa sedih
Ingatlah bahwa kau tak sendiri
Tanpamu tak akan sama
Tanpamu semua berbeda
Kisahmu juga kisahku
Selalu bersama

Kita penantang impian
Biar tak sama kita kan menang
Kita penakluk dunia
Biar tak sama kita kan menang..menang

Melangkah dibawah mentari yang sama
Mencari tempat kita dimasa depan
Berjanji kita tak akan putus asa
Walaupun semua tak akan mudah

Kita penantang impian
Biar tak sama kita kan menang
Kita penakluk dunia
Biar tak sama kita kan menang..menang

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Audit Forensic-John Markov's Department Store

Below is another case for audit forensic which is given by my lecturer as an assignment. Hope it will give you benefit and knowledge by reading it :)

Case Study

John Markov runs a family-owned department store in St. Louis.  The store consists of nine different departments, each with its own department manager. Store hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., and from noon until 5:00 P.M. on Sunday.
Each department has its own cash register, and two salespersons are assigned to each register. To prevent any confusion, each salesperson must enter his or her own secret code with each transaction. At the end of each day, the sales manager in each department tallies the department’s register, collects the money (cash and checks) from the register, and prepares a transmittal slip for the general manager to review and sign. The general manager then double-checks the cash count before signing the transmittal slips.
After collecting all cash receipts from all departments, the general manager prepares a daily cash sales report and sends it to the store’s finance manager. The finance manager again counts the money and signs three copies of the daily cash sales report. She keeps one copy for herself, a second copy goes to the store accountant, and the last copy goes to the store manager. The finance manager then puts all of the cash into the company safe, where it stays until the next morning when it is picked up by an armored car service. The store accountant reconciles copies of cash sales reports with bank deposit slips and with credits on the monthly bank statement.
John Markov has a close relationship with the bank, so he is always called first when there is any kind of issue or problem. He just received a call from one of the bank’s customer service representatives who suggested that he look into some customer checks that had recently bounced. The bank representative said that some of the payer names on the checks had come up in bad checks written to a number of other local businesses.
“You have an insider working against you,” said the bank employee. “This is happening all over town; I heard a police investigator say that there’s always in insider involved.
a.      What possible check fraud schemes might the company be a victim of?
b.     Given the store’s procedures for processing cash receipts, which persons in the store are in a position to participate in a check fraud scheme?

Bad Check is a check drawn on a nonexistent account or on an account with insufficient funds to honor the check when presented.  "Passing" bad checks is illegal, and the crime can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the amounts involved and whether the activity involved crossing state lines. 
a. The possible check fraud schemes might the company be a victim are:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wherever you are-One Ok Rock

Since this song stayed for long time in my playlist, then tonight I want to make post about this song :)
How to say it, this song is kinda romantic song. Me, as a girl would be completely "melt" if there's someone that sing this song to me,gyahahahhaa *can't imagine*
Ok forget it since that's just my imagination,haha. Ok then, you can enjoy Taka's performance by watching the video below, hope you enjoy it. As usual, I also provide the lyric :)

Courtesy: YouTube

Lyric Wherever You are

I'm telling you
I softly whisper
You are my angel

Aishiteru yo
Futari wa hitotsu ni
I just say..

Wherever you are, I'll always make you smile
Wherever you are, I'll always by your side
Whatever you say, kimi wo omou kimochi
I promise you "forever" right now

I don't need a reason 
I just want you baby
Day after day

Kono saki nagai koto zutto
Douka konna boku to zutto
Shinu made stay with me
We carry on...~

Wherever you are, I'll always make you smile
Wherever you are, I'll always by your side
Whatever you say, kimi wo omou kimochi
I promise you "forever" right now

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reunion with Science 2 Mates

Good Night!!! So this time, I just arrived from visiting my high school mate-Rani's home since she bore a daughter on 8th January 2013 and given name her baby Fio. Below is the picture of Fio :)

Rani's baby, Fio. She is so cute as her mom :)

Then, related with that very happy news, my other classmates decided to visit her since we never catch up again for while. Dita and Nisa are the coordinator who made the visiting plan. We were gathered in MANSA first then went directly to Rani's home.

Actually that plan almost canceled because of heavy rain by wind throughout afternoon, but Alhamdulillah the rain was let up around 5 p.m , then I went to MANSA in rush, still with worry feeling if the rain gonna be heavier again. After make sure that the other friends have been come, we directly went to Rani's home in Bantul. The problem was appeared when Nisa got info that Rani isn't in her Mom's home, but she is in her husband's home, then the bad news is Nisa doesn't know where's her husband's home. So we stopped for while to make sure the address, when Nisa has got the sure info, we went there, then yattaaa...finally we can meet with Rani and her little cute baby.When I see the baby by my own eyes, actually the real size of the baby is smaller than in her picture. The baby was sleeping when we come to her house. She was looked really comfort slept in her mom arm, how beuatiful to see that scenery. The thought of "Oh well, I am gonna in Rani's position someday, soon." just suddenly come up.halah..haha

In that occasion we were like had an reunion since we never meet around 3 years and just had some little chat in FB about our recent life, but this day we meet again, see my mates appearances, but mostly they are not changed at all.Hahaha. Still in my memory, those happy crazy memories which never can be erased forever. Class of Science 2 which is consist of

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nugie-Lentera Jiwa

Good night,,sorry for make the late post tonight since I just finished my homework (VBA final project). Actually that project should be done in gorup, but my 2 other partners can't handle it, so we divided the duty, and yes.. Iam the one that responsible to make the system. It's ok, because actually it improved my ability instead in that program :) Ok then, forget about my vba homework, so tonight I want to share about Indonesia song which has title Lentera Jiwa. I make post about it, just to remind me that Hey, Im Indonesian, why I am not trying to promote and share the story about my motherland, my beloved country Indonesia, even for just its song..haha. No matter how I really want to go overseas especially Japan, the fact that I am  an Indonesian and was born by Indonesian lady will never change, forever :)

Credit: Google

Back to the main topic, about Nugie's song. Actually, I don't really know about his songs since I am not one of his fans, but I think it's an old song. The story goes when I have a kind of chat with my friend (my junior high school friend) through facebook related his life recently. So, he's kinda smart, no, no, maybe genius guy that used to registered as student of STAN, then decided to quit from STAN and joint to SIMAK UI to come in Physical Major, an Major that he really likes. Hmm,,can you imagine that? When there are a lot of people that struggle to be accepted by STAN (at least just to pass the exam to get there) and in that condition he has been accepted and studied there for a year, but he just left it and choose a major that he really loves. I was get surprise when I heard that information. He reminds me about 3idiots movie (you've been watched that, haven't you?). Then yes, when I asked him about the reason, he directly told me about that movie, tell about one character in that movie that has similar story with him. He even gave me this song, he told me that this song is very nice, and yes, he was right :') . Lentera Jiwa is a really good song. This song just remind me about my self in some years ago, when I wasn't brave enough to stand for my dream to join in Japan literature. Yaaah, since that time I honor those people who are stand to defending their dreams, including my older brother :). So for you guys who have big dreams and something that you really want to fight for, don't let other people to break your dream. You have to fight for it, if it's worth and you do the best for it, I'm sure that you'll make your dream come true. Doing something that you really love is more interesting than anything, right?
For the last sentence, please enjoy the music :)

Courtesy: YouTube

Lyric Song Lentere Jiwa by Nugie

lama sudah kumencari apa yang hendak kulakukan

sgala titik kujelajahi tiada satupun kumengerti

tersesatkah aku disamudra hidupku

kata-kata yang kubaca terkadang tak mudah kucerna

bunga-bunga dan rerumputan bilakah kau tahu jawabnya
inikah jalanku inikah takdirku

kubiarkan kumengikuti suara dalam hati
yang slalu membunyikan cinta
kupercaya dan kuyakini murninya nurani menjadi penunjuk jalanku
lentera jiwaku

back to reff

back to reff

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Forensik Audit Assignment: Tenkey Book Co


Below is my recent forensic audit assingment, I just want to share it with you, maybe someday your lecturer give you this assignment to you,,lol

Tenkey Book Company

Tenkey Book Company operates a chain of retail bookstore throughout the United States. Sandra Hawthorn, Tenkey’s controller, runs a fairly tight internal control system with rigorous requirement for the segregation of duties throughout the company. Even the best systems can have a problem, and recently someone called in a tip to the company’s anonymous hotline saying that Tenkey was losing a lot of inventory to employee theft and the problem was pervasive through many of the company stores. The caller left no details as to who was committing the theft or how they were being committed.
Sandra was alarmed because inventories constituted a large percentage of Tenkey’s assets, and if losses could occur in even one store, they could probably occur in others too. She called a staff meeting that include the IT director and the general accounting manager, “We need a plan to investigate this,” she told them. “Any suggestions?”.

Tom Clockspeed, the IT director jumped right in. “Let’s do a complete inventory of all of our stores,” he said.

Anna Aburida, the general accounting manager began shaking her head, “We’re not due to take inventory for another six months. It would cost us a whole lot of overtime if we do it now.”
Sandra glared at Anna and said, “You’re just going to have to do better than that.”
“Okay”, said Anna. “We need a plan. Let’s start by considering everyone who might be in position to steal. There has to be a weak point somewhere.”

“This is little crazy,” said Tom. “You’re making all of these plans when we’re not even sure if the phone caller was telling the truth. Let’s at least do an inventory of one store before we do anything else.”

Anna frowned, “That’s great Tom. So what happens if we inventory one store and don’t find any inventory shortage? Then what do we do?”

Tom slid back in his seat and laughed, “Right,” he said. “But what happens next if you don’t find any control problems? Then we’ve just wasted time. And even if you do find control problems, there’s no guarantee that fixing them all will fix the problem. And remember, we don’t even know for sure if we do have a problem.

Sandra pounded her fist on the table. “This is going nowhere. I’m going to bring in a forensic accountant to find out what to do.”
a. If you’re brought in as Sandra outside forensic accountant, what advice would you give her?
b. Which employee could be stealing inventory? Describe one or two possible schemes applicable to this case.


a. If I brought in as Sandra forensic accountant, what advice would I give to her is

Monday, January 7, 2013

Kotatsu De Arashi 130103

Picture is not owned by me

Below is the link for the tv show of kotatsu de arashi which is broadcasted on 03 January 2013. I got the links from Matsumoto Jun Fans's Page :)

Kotatsu de arashi Part 1

Kotatsu de arashi Part 2

Kotatsu de arashi Part 3

Kotatsu de arashi Part 4

Kotatsu de arashi Part 5

ps: actually I got little confuse about the number of part, since I just copy the link from the fans page, you could check it by your self. For futher information, please visit Matsumoto Jun's Fans Page

Sunday, January 6, 2013

J-pop VS K-pop

Credit: Google

Have you ever found the fans war such as below when K-pop fans was bashing the J-pop fandom?

▀ Anonymous whispered, ”you guys never stop do you?

god, end of story.”
▀ Anonymous whispered, ”haha butthurt jpop fans
no srsly tho kpop is better
wayyyyy better
they all look like gods
and at least they’re young
old japan is old”
▀ Anonymous whispered, ”i can name bands that are already taking over japan like KARA, SNSD, B2ST, BIG BANG, SHINee, 2pm. SO BITCHES BEAT THAT…
even the japanese people are already liking kpop.. cause kpop is like-able

and you so called “arashi” band is OLD. even one of the guys there look 50 years old. and one of them look like a fucking rat.
so fuck all your jpop bands.. kpop beats all….

So, what's your opinion then? Well, I still remember when I came to the Korean days  (how Korean festival called here) to accompany my friend some moment ago, when people from Japanese literature came to support their friends who were joint in that event as a guest to enliven the event, just after their friends' performance, they just directly go home before the event was closed.  I mean here, for me they looked like compete each other. Then similar with that, when I came to J-fest (Japan Festival) I saw there's no K-popers who are coming to that event, even me tried to ask out my friend who is K-popers to accompany me to joint that event and she doesn't want to. It looked like that their war isn't only in the internet, but also in the real life. Oh c'mon, can't you be more mature guys? Well then for me, actually I like both of them, but when I have to choose between them, J-pop or K-pop which one is I like the most, absolutely, I'll stand for J-pop, no hesitation..Hahaha. Even nowdays the Korean waves are really huge, but it will never change my decision.

I never say that I don't like K-pop since I like SUJU, 2PM, SNSD, and also Korean actor-Lee min Ho, but it doesn't mean that they gonna change my love and interest to Japan artists. How to say it, I love Japan since I was in kindergarten, since the first time I knew Kotaro Minami-Ksatria Baja Hitam, and I've been into J-culture for so long, and I appreciate their music ever since, yes I really do. My intention to learn Japanese Language is still the same as I was kid. Even maybe they looked isolated themselves (in the music Industry and some others) for some reasons, but their fans are slowly growing not only in Asia, but also in the other part of the world.

For me, K-pop looks better, but J-pop sounds better, do you get what I mean? :) We know that the females in K-pop looked really nice, they are like Goddess, they have perfect body and even perfect face. Then if we looks for the males in K-pop with the Japanese counterparts, we can see that the males in K-pop have more muscular body, and still the perfect face like the God :) Well then, maybe that's one of reasons that make K-popers love them so much, even bashed for J-pop fans :)
As a J-pop fans, I like my idol as

Saturday, January 5, 2013

VS Arashi SP- 03 January 2013

Source: Google

Yokattaaa,,,been waiting some moments, finally it's been uploaded and shared by Matsumoto Jun's fans page. Still in process to download it, but it really doesn't matter. For you guys who want to streaming it check the links below :)

Hope you enjoy it then :)

ps: the videos aren't owned by me, the credit is for the uploader and Johnny's association

Friday, January 4, 2013

Little Things-1D ♪♬♪

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Since last night I've been posted something personal, so this time I am going to post One Direction's song with tittle Little Things. I really like to listen this song since the first time I heard it, as usual...haha. It was released in November 2012 as the second single from their second studio album Take Me Home. It was written by Fiona Bevan and Ed Sheeran, then produced by Jake Gosling. In February 2012, 1D (how they usually called) stated interest in working with Sheeran for their second studio album and in June 2012, Sheran disclosed that 1D would be recording two of his songs. Sheran co-wrote "Little Things" with Bevan when he was 17 and subsequently lost it. Bevan found it in 2012 when Sheeran was in studio with 1D, resulting in group recording it. "Little Things" is a pop, folk ballad, about the insistence that flaws are what make a person unique. The song is about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn't expect. Ed described that "Little Things" as as appreciation song, and conclude, "Seventeen years old Ed just wrote a lot of love songs, so expect to hear a lot of love songs on their album, I guess. I had a wicked girlfriend at 17, she was great and actually my album is pretty much about her". 

So, here is the MV of this song, hope you enjoy it :)

Credit: 1D's official

Lyric Song
Little Things by One Direction
Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me 

But bear this mind it was meant to be 

And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me


I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, 
You've never loved your stomach or your thighs 
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine

[Zayn + Liam] 

But i'll love them endlessly 


I won't let this little things slip out of my mouth 
But if I do, it's you, oh it's you, they add up to 
I'm in love with you and all these little things


You can't go to bed without a cup of tea
Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that i keep 
Though it makes no sense to me 


I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape 
You never want to know how much you weigh 
You still have to squeeze into your jeans