Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Graduation Teteh \(^.^)/

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy,, finally, after fought through these years to get S.E tittle, today one of my friends that I usually call Teteh was graduated from Uni. Congratulation for her *hug* Oya, teteh is a call from West Java to a woman there as a form of respect. Well then, since she is coming from Bogor which is part of West Java, then I prever to call her teteh Meutia :)

*sigh* how time flies really fast.. it was looked like yesterday we both made promise that we would graduate from this uni together, but now, you were graduated first before me :'( but that's ok, don't worry. I will follow you also to graduate this year. Looking back at your effort while doing your thesis research, it doesn't really surprise me if you finish your thesis less than 6 months. I remember, you told me that you really want to join the graduation ceremony on August when that sounds quite impossible for me since I still need long way to finish mine. I don't really know why you were really want to graduate on August, whether it was because you heard that your someone special will be graduated also on this month, or whether your Mom really want to see you graduate soon,, I don't really exactly know, but well, it really works to grant your wish :)

From now on, I will build more my spirit and leave all those unnecessary things behind, then make priority to my thesis. Your graduation woke me up and made me realize that I had a target to have thesis exam next month, on September. Even in the end we can't graduate together, but I wish, we both can achieve our dreams in the future.
For the last line I wanna say congratulation for your graduation day, you looked very beautiful today (i know you do beautiful, but today you're way more beautiful), you're precious, just being more confident, brave and believe toward yourself. Iam sure, you will achieve whatever dreams you want. Furthermore, thank you very much during these times, having you during my uni life also such a precious thing. Realize it or not, you have been influenced me to be someone better everyday :) I'm sure that I will miss you so much when you're not around anymore :'(

Below is the pictures on her thesis exam and her graduation day:

On her thesis exam day
(from left to right: Dwiky, Lumos, Tyas, me, Teteh Meutia, Rahma, Aul)

Took picture with others IP's mates :)

with me, Indeed :)

In front of Bumbu Desa with others

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