Monday, December 31, 2012

The Beginning-One Ok Rock

Ohayouuu,,,since last night I made a post about Ruroken LA, so this morning I want to post for the original soundtrack of this movie. The song has tittle The Beginning, and it is sung by famous band "One Ok Rock". I think I've been made a post about this band in previous posting. Below is the MV of the song, check this out :)

Credit is owned by Official of One Ok Rock

The Beginning-One Ok Rock

Just give me a reason
To keep my heart beating
Don’t worry it’s safe right here in my arms
As the world falls apart around us
All we can do is hold on, hold on

Take my hand
And bring me back

I risk everything if it’s for you
I whisper into the night
Telling me it’s not my time and don’t give up
I’ve never stood up before this time
Demo yuzurenai mono itta kono te wo hanasanai

So stand up, stand up (Just gotta keep on running)
Wake up, wake up (Just tell me how I can)
Never give up
Kuru wa shimi hodo setsunai

Just tell me why baby
They might call me crazy
For saying I’d fight until there is no more
Fureri wo fukunda senkougankou wa kankakiteki shoudou
Blinded, I can’t see the end
So where do I begin?

Say another word, I can't hear you 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action

Konbawaaa!!! I just finished watch Rurouni Kenshin Live action for the second time,,aahahaha. Aaa, I really adore this manga (and also the anime) since I was in elementary school, that's why I was really curios with the live action version :)
Yokattaaaaaa,,finally I got copy of this movie from mas Iyak @Nichi666 last night, big thanks to him :)

Credit: Google


Pictures above are the cover of the Ruroken-Rurouni Kenshin Movie (Live Action). This movie was produced based on manga series by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The manga was appeared for the first time in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from April 11, 1994 to November 4, 1999. The story is about a fictional assassin named Kenshin Himura who becomes a wanderer to protect the weak people. Kenshin was famous with the name of Hitokiri Battosai (Batosai si pembantai), then after participated in Bakumatsu war, he was decided to start over his life as a wanderer (Rurouni). Then when he was arriving in Tokyo in the 11th years of Meiji (1878), he meets a young woman named Kaoru Kamiya, who's in the middle of fight with a murderer who claims to be the Hitokiri Battosai. Kenshin decided to help her and defeats the fake Battosai, then after discovering that Kenshin is the real Battosai, Kaoru offers him a place to stay at her dojo,  because she was noticed that actually Kenshin is peace loving and not cold-hearted as his repution for this long time. Kenshin accepts the offer and begin to establish the lifelong relationship with many people such as Sanosuke Sagara (a former Sekiho army member), Yahiko Myojin (an orphan from a samurai family), and a beautiful doctor named Takani Megumi. However he should be deals with some of his enemies (the new and old one), including the former leader from the Oniwabanshu, Shinomori Aoshi, and his rival from the Bakumatsu Saito Hajime. 

Oya, I almost forget to mention who was staring in the movie. Takeru Sato was played as Kenshin Himura, then Kaoru Kamiya was stared by Emi Takei, then Megumi Takani played by Yuu Aoi, for the Sanosuke Sagara role played by Munetaka Aoki, Yahiko Myojin played by Taketo Tanaka, Kanryu Takeda stared by Teruyuki Kagawa, Hajime Sato played by Yosuke Eguchi, then Jinei Udo stared by Kouji Kikkawa. The original soundtrack of this movie is from One Ok Rock with tittle The Beginning. Kind a good song, suitable with Kenshin condition who wants start over and have new beginning of his live :)

Related with the live action version, in the beginning, the movie told story about Hitokiri Battosai when he was participating in the Bakumatsu war, and decided the new life as wanderer. To make the movie short, the director directly introduced Megumi, Kaoru, Yahiko and Sanosuke in the movie. Then the rivals that should be faced by Kenshin are

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


DVD ARAFES in the store

While I was still in Pemalang, I got sms from my forum friend-Delia that there's someone that has been uploaded the Arafes concert. That was surprise me, since the DVD should be released today, December 26,2012. Asked about the source to download it just after arrived at home, but then Delia told me that she has been finished download it, so if I want it, I just can copy it from her. That sounds really good since the link that used to download the file was consist of Mandarin letter that I can't understand.Hahaha
So here I am tonight, locked my self in the room just to watch the ARAFES, and that was really really amazing. How to say it, I think ARAFES is the best concert during their history. They put their best effort on it. We're gonna see only five of them, no other Johnny's junior as the dancer :) Oy, for me, the best part of this concert is when the DJ MJ was performed, I can't help my self to scream,, The DVD is consist of 2 discs and has duration for 3.5 hours, kinda long time for a concert, right? :)
Since the price of the original DVD is Rp 825.000,00 so I cant buy it this time :'( but fortunately, there's someone who very kind that has been uploaded it. Thanks God :)

Below is

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Married Salsa \(^.^)/

Konbawaaaaa and good night,,it's been around a week or more I didn't post here, it's because I was going to Pemalang, came in my classmate's wedding-Salsa. She's a descendant of Arabian, even she was stayed in UII just for 2 semesters (then decided to move in Jekardah-lol), but she's still part of our class. So when her wedding invitation was coming, we decided to come. So the wedding was on 23 December 2012, and a day before, there was Macar (bachelorette party-pesta lajang) which is intended just for the girls. We don't really understand about Arabic culture, but we were really interest to join it. So, the people that coming to the wedding ceremony is me, Sheylla, Meutia, Rahma, Lina, Peppy, Tyas, Sally (Koh's girlfriend), Koh, Jojo, Isa, Buzat, Bachrul, Yoga, Angga, Dwiky, Danu, Nowo, Abi, and Ilham. 

That is the wedding invitation cover

Still the invitation letter

Since the Macar was started in 22 December 2012 night, so we off to Pemalang in the morning (08.30 a.m), then we arrived around 03.30 p.m. We slept in hotel where the event was held. Salsa was booked 3 rooms for us, so 1 room is for around 7 persons. Since the number of the girls are 8, so the girls get one room to be shared, then the rest room was used by the boys. The rooms and the beds are quite good but unfortunately there's problem with the conduit, so there is no water there. Could you imagine that? There's no water, how we could get shower then? Fortunately, one of my friends-Meutia, has a relative in pemalang, so we went there every time we have to get shower. While the girls

Monday, December 17, 2012

5cm. by Donny Dhirgantoro

Konbawaaaaa!!!! I really can't help my self to not posting tonight, really...I mean it :) Hhahaa
Just arrived from XXI cinema watched 5cm the movie. Gosssh,,finally I can see it played in cinema, since I've been read that novel 6 years ago, when I was still in 1st grade of Senior High School. Below is the picture of the novel, that was the first edition, the old cover before it was produced become a movie :)

Credit: Google

The memories of my Senior High School's time was passed and remind me how was my struggle to get the turn to read that book. At that time, as a student, I've no enough money to buy every books that I want, not as easy as today (aaah,,how different my uni life today :D ) that's why I've to wait until my turn come, then when it was coming, I was impatient to read it, then only need less than 2 days to finish it , and that was really amazing for me to read kinda inspirative and motivative novel like 5cm. , really..I mean everything words that I said. 5cm. is the best novel that I've been read. I will not tell the story here, just wish that you guys will read it by yourself someday , or maybe you can just watch the movie (even I can guarantee that the feeling is little bit different :D ). Oy, one quote that I still remember and loved since the first time I read the novel is ," Biarkan keyakinanmu 5 centimeter menggantung, mengambang di depan keningmu, agar kamu selalu memikirkannya. Dan yang kamu butuhkan setelah itu hanyalah kaki yang akan berjalan lebih jauh dari biasanya, tangan yang akan berbuat lebih banyak dari biasanya, mata yang akan menatap lebih lama dari biasanya, leher yang sering melihat ke atas, lapisan tekad yang akan lebih keras dari baja, dan hati yang akan bekerja lebih keras dari biasanya! (Genta)" Yups, that was the amazing quote that still motivate me to make my dreams come true. Even I still haven't make it happen, but I do believe that someday, yeah someday, I'll make it..I'll make it happen :)

As usual, I put the pictures related with the novel and the movie :)

Donny Dhirgantoro-Author of 5cm.

Comic of 5cm. Special thanks to my friends who gave me this comic as my birthday present :)

sketch of the comic :*

The casts of the movie. Bang Junooootttt :*

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Otanjoubi Omedettou Aiba-chan \(^.^)/

Happy..Happy Birthday to you Aiba-san \(^.^)/ yeaaaaayyyy....This month is Aibas's birthday...Once more,happy birthday to you Aiba :) So tonight, I got the news from Arashi Daisuki's Facebook that Aiba was received surprise during the concert this night...That sounds great I think :)

So, related with Aiba's birthday, I want to post here the greetings from other members in Arashi :)



Congratulations on your birthday. We’ve been together for 15 years already. That means I’ve been with you for more than half our lives. How’s that! Aren’t you glad? Seriously speaking, for someone with few friends like me, besides my family, there’s no one else I’ve been with for 15 years. That’s precious to me. It’s important. So…from now on too please take care of me. Congratulations on your birthday.


Since I joined as a Jr., we’ve spent half our lives together. During our Jr. period you were extremely shy but, now you’re brighter than anyone else. Our lives are a lot brighter and more fun because of you. From now on too, let’s have a lot of fun times together. Thank you for everything. Also, from now on please take care of me. Really, congratulations.


Congratulations on your birthday. Welcome to the adult world. I think nothing really changes in particular though. I started really talking to Aiba-chan after we debuted. A lot of things happened. But, nothing changed about Aiba-chan. It’s good enough to stay the way you are. Next time, a drink in Ginza!


Congratulations on your birthday. The first time I exchanged contact information with you was after Arashi was formed. Which birthday was it was what I thought. More than 10 years, thinking about how long we’ve been together makes me feel surprised and happy. After your birthday and in the future, please treat me favorably.

—Popcorn Tour Fan Report, 2012.12.16

Below is the link for the video of Aiba's birthday during the concert
for the further news about it, please visit also


Just arrived coming back from Japan Festival as known as J-fest :) That was looked like very long time since the last time I went to event like that. Looking back at my Senior High School's time, come to J-fest with my friends was really fun. Since most of my girl friends are don't really like an event like that, so I usually coming with my boy friends. We met there, and watched the event together. Sometimes walked around to admire the Cosplayer, buy some foods and shared it, then the rest time was just used to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, today was different. There's no more friends that accompanied me going there again, I was alone,haha. Sounds sad, but yeah, that is life right? There's someone that come and gone :)

During the event, I still really enjoy the part when the cosplayer trying to show their performance. My interest to see them is still same since I was in Senior High School. They are still looked admirable even actually sometimes I don't really understand what character that they are using at that time, but that was still fun for me to see them :) Because of that, tonight, I want to post something about Cosplay :)

Cosplay (コスプレ-kosupure) which short for "Costume Play" is a type of art performance whereas the participants are wearing costumes and accessories to represent a specific character which is coming from manga, anime, video games, or films. Those who participated in cosplay is called as Cosplayer. Cosplay costumes vary greatly and

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Arashi (PopCorn) Concert

Domo!!! PopCorn Concert has been started on December 12, 201. Actually, I really want to watch this concert directly in Tokyo..but yeah, that still seems impossible. That's why, I'm here to report about those 5 cool guys performance during the concert. Even the picture report it's just for a glance, I hope it could be entertainment for me, and for you Arashian :) Oy,,all credit for the pictures are for Facebook of Arashi Daisuki. Kochira dozo :) *I put the video report in the last picture*

Report about the Concert in the newspaper

Another report about the Concert in the newspaper

Preparation before the concert

Friday, December 14, 2012

Love Song by Yamapi

Lately, I've been always listen to Yamapi's songs. One of my favorites is his song with tittle Love Song. That was an old song, but it still sounds good, maybe because the meaning of this song is deep enough.haha
Below, I put the lyric and translation so you guys also can enjoy this song. Hope you like thie music! If you dont mind, let me know by leave a comment :)

Credit: Google

by Yamashita Tomohisa
Itsumademo isshou ni iyounette futari chikai attakedo
Futari no shiawasena jikan wa toki wo kizamu no yameta
Ima machigai ni kizuitemo boku no ayamachi wa kesukoto dekinai
Kimi no koto omouto itoshisade mune ga itaiyo
Itsuka moshimo mata guuzen dokokade aetara yarinaoseru nonara
Tatoe naniga okitatte hanashitari wa shinai
Kitto kimi yori mo iihito nante mou inai ima yatto kizuita
Dakara mou ichido boku no soba ni itekurenaika....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New CM Arashi-Gree (SmartPhone)

Ohayouuuuuuuuu,,, it's been long time since my last post about Arashi, I think. So this morning I want to show you the new CM from Arashi. This time they were showed to Gree (Smartphone) CM. If you want to see it, just check the video below. Yaaaawn :)

Credit: Facebook of Arashi Daisuki

Credit: Youtube

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nobuta wa Produce (野ブタ。をプロデュース)

Credit: Google

Konbawaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!Good night everybody \(^.^)/ Hope you guys are in good condition. So this time I'm going to post about another dorama, and tonight is time for Nobuta wa produce!!!yeaaaay

That was an old dorama which was produced in October 15, 2005 and broadcasted by NTV. The original soundtrack for this drama was sung by Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa-Yamapi who's also played in that drama. In the drama Kazu was played as Kiritani Shuji, and Yamapi was played as Kusano Akira. Besides those 2 cool guys, there are also Horikita Maki (Kotani Nobuko) and Toda Erika (Uehara Mariko) who were also joined in the drama. 

Nobura wa produce is a dorama which told us about the story of true friendship between Kiritani Shuji, Kusano Akira and Kotani Nobuko. That friendship was started when Nobuka was coming as the new student in their school. Kiritani Shuji is

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Down Syndrome

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

According to the pictures above, can you recognize any differences in those babies pictures with any other babies condition at the same age physically? Yups, those babies are babies with down syndrome. Then, what will you do if you find out someone in your environment or even one of your member family is having that condition? Will you avoid, reject, hate, or even ashame with him/her condition? Can you love him/her unconditionally just like what him/her do to your self?

Before I continue my post, I want to explain what down syndrome is in brief explanation. According to the information that i get from Wikipedia, Down Syndrome (DS) or Down's syndrome which is also known as trisomy 21 is a chromosomal condition which is caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. Down syndrome is the most common chromosome abnormality in humans. It is typically associated with a delay in cognitive ability (mental retardation), physical growth, and a particular set of facial characteristics. The average IQ of young adults with DS is around 50, compared to children without the condition with an IQ of 100. A large proportion of individuals with DS have a severe degree of intellectual disability. 

Some people in our environment will try to hide their children with down syndrome. Most of them assume that have a child with down syndrome is a disgrace or sin, they even feeling ashame to bring out their children. That was so sad, I think, since they are the biological parent of that child. The child who was born in that special condition never asked to be born in that conditon, I mean, nobody want to be born with down syndrome, and none parents hope to have a child with down syndrome, then should we blame him/her who was born in that condition? I think that is not fair. Oke, I could not only blame the parents also. They are feeling ashame and thought it as disgrace maybe because of

Friday, December 7, 2012

Proposal Daisuken (プロポーズ大作戦)

Credit: Google

If you are fans of Yamapi or J-drama, i bet that you've been watched that drama :) Yups, that dorama is one of  my favorite romance drama :*
Actually I knew this dorama from my older brother, he also really like to watch dorama. At that time, he was asked me to find this dorama in warnet, that was around 3 years ago :) That was the first time I knew Yamapi :)

Proposal Daisuken is a romantic dorama which is consist of 11 episodes that was broadcasted on April 16, 2007. Its rating is 17.3% (Kanto) and 17.2% (Kansai). This drama was starring by Yamapi, Nagasawa Masami, Fujiki Naohito, Eikura Nana, Hiraoka Yuta, Hamada Gaku, and Mikami Hiroshi as the main roles. So this drama talked about Iwase Ken (Yamapi) and Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami) who have been friends since elementary school. They always together until in the Senior High School, even when they were in the college they still meet up and gather with the Eri (Eikura Nana), Mikio (Hiraoka Yuta),and Hisashi (Hamada Gaku) who have been their best friends. 

The story goes

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bloody Monday (ブラッディ・マンデイ)

Credit: Google

Konbawaaaaaaaa!!!Another dorama that I'm going to share tonight :) Bloody Monday, is one of my favorites dorama. I watched this dorama for the first time around 2.5 years ago when I was in 2nd Semester, kinda long time, right?
Bloody Monday is dorama which is broadcasted on October 11, 2008. It is consist of 2 seasons whereas for the first season is consist of 11 episodes then for the second season is consist of 9 episodes. It has rating 11.4% (Kanto). This dorama is starring by many artists such as Miura Haruma (Takagi Fujimaru-Falcon); Kawashima Umika (Takagi Haruka); Sato Takeru (Kujo Otoya); Fuiji Mina (Asada Aoi); Tokunaga Eri (Anzai Mako); Hisano Masahiro (Tachikawa Hide); Tanaka Tetsushi (Takagi Ryonosuke); Matsushige Yutaka (Kano Ikuma); Katase Nana (Hosho Sayuri); Ashina Sei (Minami Kaoru); Yoshizawa Hisashi (Kirima Goro); Narimiya Hiroki (Kanzaki Jun); Kichise Michiko (Orihara Maya) and any other artists. 

This dorama was talked about a genius hacker (Takagi Fujimaru) who known as Falcon in the hacking world. He was in Junior high school when the first time he was broken Japan Public Safety Internet access. Then the problem was appeared when there's biological terrorist attack which killed off thepopulation of Russian town by unleash a virus which is later known as Bloody X. Japan's Public Safety Special Third Unit (code name is THIRD-i) believes that the terrorist organization responsible for the plans to unleash the same virus into Tokyo. Falcon

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (結婚できない男)

Credit: Google

Have been heard about that dorama? or maybe familiar with the poster above? So tonight Iam going to talk about this dorama since I just finished watch this drama a week ago, just after finished watch Densha Otoko,,hehehe

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko-2006 (The man who cant get married) is a J-drama which is consist of 12 episodes and has rating 16.9% still such a high rating for a drama.This dorama is played by Abe Hiroshi as Shinsuke Kuwano and Natsukawa Yui as Hayasaka Natsume as the 2 main roles. This story was talked about life of Shinsuke Kuwano, an ecentric successful architect at 40 who enjoys living by himself. He doesnt like people (or maybe I can say that he does not know how to interact with people in good way-clumsy?) but he was able to design a wonderful house by using kitchen as the center of his home's design. He always talks that he never get married, and that was because he wont, because he decided to not get married. During his daily life, he has daily activity in making himself a delicious dinner and enjoying the classical music in his easy chair while pretending he is the conductor. Then one night, he was played the music loud enough that made his next door neighbour-Michiru Tamara would to knock on his door to complain. When se was coming to complain suddeny Kuwano suffers a terrible stomach pain and collapses to the floor. Lucky for him, Michiru is nice enough to accompany him to the hospital where he is treated by dr. Natsumi Hayasake. He was really rude to Natsumi but she still decided to treat him. Naaah,,after that, Michiru and Natsumi were became part of Kuwano's life. They made friends with Kuwano's colleagues- Eiji and Maya Sawazaki. They were really like to talk about how strange and ecentric Kuwano is. 
Then finally,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Otaku (おたく)

Credit: "This only can happen in Japan"

Does your room looked like the picture above? If yes, it means that I can call you as Otaku then :) As I mentioned before in the previous post, I will talk more about Otaku in different post. So here we are tonight :)

For you who have no interest with Japan culture, maybe that word is sounds odd when the first time you heard it. Maybe you will think that Otaku is still related with okonomiyaki or takoyaki as the famous food which are come from Japan :P If you really think like that, so you are in the right blog and right post now because I'll share about otaku..haha

Otaku is Japanese term which is used to refer those who truly pursue a hobby or also use to pronouns the second person which is polite in Japanese standard, equal with the word "Anda" in Bahasa. Actually, at that time the public did not know the term of Otaku. Mass media- Nippon Broadcasting System Radio was the first which used the term of Otaku in the segment of Otakuzoku no Jittai on the show of Young Paradise. The term of Otakuzoku is used to refer the Otaku itself, following the exsiting designation for a group of young people who use the word suffix "zoku" like Bosozoku and Takenokozoku. 

In further, the term of Otaku is used for single men who have hobby of anime, manga, idol, video games, and personal computer without knowing the age limit. The term of Otaku is also used to refer alot of single woman or married woman who formed a little "cult" group based on mutual hobby. Womans aged 50 and over or those people who is big fan of high culture or continue to pursue excellence in academic are rarely or almost never called Otaku. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Manga (漫画)

Credit: Google

Is there any of you that didn't like read manga a.k.a comic? WOAAAAAAAA,,,actually I'm big fan of it. I started read manga since i was in 1st grade elementary school. The picture above is the first comic that I read, Meitantei Conan that known as Detective Conan is the tittle of that comic. For you guys who are really like to read manga, tonight I want to share about manga :)

(read: ma-nga, atau ma-ng-ga) has meaning comic in Japanese language, but it usually used to calls Japanese Comic by any other countries. The Manga Magazine is usually consist of some comics which is consist of 30-40 page for each. Those magazines usually have thick ranged from 200-850 pages. After some periods, the manga stories in the magazine will be collected and printed in book form in regular sized which called as tankoobon or sometimes known as a term of volume. Comics in this form is usually printed on high quality paper and read by those who do not buy manga magazine which published weekly that has diverse mix of manga stories. For some manga's tittle which is successful even been (or will be) made for the human version that usually called as LiveAction-or sometimes it's abbreviated as LA in Japan), they are such as Death Note, Detective Conan, Gokusen, and others.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Densha Otoko (でんしゃ おとこ)


Have been heard about that dorama? I finished watch that dorama a week ago, and that was a cool drama..really,,I guarantee it. For you who love J-drama must be known about that drama since it was aired on July 2005 with rating 21.04%, such a high rating for a drama there :)
I really like this drama. This drama was not only telling about the love story of Otaku (Tsuyoshi) and high class lady (Saori) but also  telling about friendship, loyality, honesty, spirit to achieve our dream, and any other. This drama really entartaining and success made me laugh and cry :') Two thumbs up for Japanese people who always success to produce amazing story b^.^d

Densha Otoko- でんしゃ おとこ (Train Man) is a dorama which is consist of 11 episodes and 1 special episode. It was broadcasted by Fuji TV on July 07, 2005 and starring by Ito Misaki as Aoyama Saori and Ito Atsushi as Yamada Tsuyoshi. Actually, this drama is based on a true love story which is turned into best selling novel that created from the internet BBS. 

As I mentioned above that this drama was telling about love story of Otaku (Tsuyoshi) who is fallen in love with a high class lady (Saori). For you who do not know the meaning of otaku, otaku is japanese term which is used to refer people with obsesive interest, particularly to anime, manga or video games (I'll talk more about otaku in the next post). The problem is actually Otaku identically with people who usually called as CUPU, clumsy, cant socialize with other people, and usually just concern with their business and interest. This kind of person is so many in Japan, they made their own society and usually gather to get the new version of manga, anime characters, games, or any other. Actually Otaku is not different with the common people, one of the differences is maybe they are really obsesive with their interest to manga, anime, or games that make them prefer to spent more their time in doing their hobbies to that interest rather than to socialize with other people. Maybe that was one of reason why Otaku is considered as strange in the society.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012 and Resolution

Credit: Google

Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,December is comiiiiiiiiing...!!!! Never thought that time goes very very fast...Klo bener nieh apa yang di bilang sama orang suku Maya 2012 adalah akhir tahun bagi semua makhluk di muka bumi, maka waktu kita buat have fun di bumi udah gak lama lagi sob >.<

Setiap bulan selalu saja timeline di penuhi oleh harapan-harapan baru dari orang-orang,seperti halnya bulan ini, beberapa orang berdoa dan berharap bahwa bulan ini akan menjadi bulan yang menyenangkan bagi mereka, a big question suddenly appeard fully in my mind, that was made me realize, did I have succed to do my resolution list and make them come true. Kertas resolusi tahun 2012 pun masih bertengger dengan manisnya di papan sterofoam yang ada di kamar,membuat ku membaca kembali apa saja rencana yang ingin aku wujudkan selama tahun 2012 ini. All that I can do is just sigh while reading my resolution sheet, that was just because I still haven't do it yet, all the things in that sheet. I'm ashamed with myself, actually (┌_┐)

Below I put my resolution list, just to share with you

Resolution 2012
1. IPK 3.25
2. KKN
3. Compre Exam
4. Kursus bahasa Jepang sampe' selesai ( *ps: I'm still in level 2 now)
5. Beli Hardisk
6. Turun 5 kg
7. Nyari judul skripsi
8. Searching ten beasiswa (terutama Jepang)
9. Rajin tahajud and Dhuha
10. Rajin sedekah
11. Rajin ngaji

Dari semua list yang ada di atas, cuma beberapa aja yang udah aku bisa capai >.< Masih hangat dalam ingatan kejadian setahun yg lalu di mana saat itu ipk ku cma 3.06 yg turun setelah adany konversi (awalny 3.16), dng  wajah yg penuh harapan ayah bilang, "Nduk, mbok coba ipk mu di naekin, ayah gak perlu kmu cumlaude, cukup 3.25 aja biar bisa lulus prasyarat administrasi buat cari kerja." Deeeeegggg!!! pada saat itu rasany ak seakan d tampar. Ayahku yang humble, gak pernah nuntut banyak dari anakny ini tiba-tiba ngomong kyk gitu. Aku yang selama ini selalu menganggap kuliah hanya sebagai kegiatan rutinitas tanpa perlu sebuah tanggung jawab pun mulai sadar. Mana mungkin