Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy B'day and Congratulation Lumos

Huwaaaaa,,this month is very precious for my friend- Lumos, surely! He was celebrated his 22nd age on 24th May and finally, offically passed the compre exam 2 days ago on 27th May..YEAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY \m/ Congratulation for the happiness that you got during this month then \(^.^)/

Actually we (me and my friends) have been planned to give him surprise by giving his favorite donuts (Jco) just after he finished his test, but unfortunately there is an incident that force us to postone the surprise, like the donuts were left in the IP room management that has been locked. Haha. I think that was really funny and never  been easy to forget :) Because of that incident, we decided to give the surprise in the next morning. The planning  was so simple, we would only suddenly came to his house while brought a box of Jco donuts that has been completed with some candles and greeting memo from us. We dont even really care about the possibility that he (maybe) would go somewhere at that day, we directly gone to his house. Alhamdulillah, fortunately he was staying at home, furthermore we come into his house while singing Happy B'day song :) yeeeeeeaaaaahh

Below, i put the pictures for those moments :)

The Examinees with others :)

The examinees @HariLumos @adeladelia and mas Gery

Happ..Happy B'day Hari aka Lumos \(^.^)/

With us: @Meutiarahma , me, Tyas, @riizka, @FranksieNumb8
 @HariLumos and @linatrianitaa :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Arashi's New Single-Endless Game

Oooo-haaaa-youuu minna!!!This morning, I wanna share to you the short version of Arashi's new single with tittle Endless Game. The picture above is the cover of this single. It will be released on 29th may 2013 \(^.^)/ This single is used as the original soundtract of Sho's newest drama which is called Kazoku Game.
I want to put the video below, but I think there're some problems between this blog and youtube, so I'll put the link that will help you to find it :) The videos are not owned by me.

*p.s :To get the lyric of that single, you can visit ENDLESS GAME

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gokusen (J-Drama)

Taken from Google

Still wondering actually, should I still make post about it or not since this dorama is very famous until today. But then consider about what I have mentioned in the head page of this blog that I will share about everything that I really like here, then I decided to still posting it tonight. For you who loves Japanese dramas and movies, I bet you knew about it. Haha. I watched it for the first time around middle of 2009, just after my senior told me about this drama.

I still remember at that time I was an voluntary teacher (together with some of my friends) from my organization campus-IPF for the kids that became the victim of vulcanic eruption in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. Since I've no basic to teach the elementary students, I had problem then. I have no idea what I should do to make them be focus on the material that I gave to them. I was telling that (curhat) to my senior who at that time has position as the head of division, then he advised me to be more patience and more understanding them, as we know that they are just kids whereas we know that most of kids are prefer to playing around than studying. Then in the end of chat he asked me to watch that drama, he said that maybe I can learn how to teach the students in better way by watching it. Haha. Yes, that was the first time I knew about it, and he was right. It was very good dorama :)

Gokusen is a manga series which is

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Wedding My Lovely Cousin \(^.^)/

Hmmmm,,,look around what I'm gonna do now, wanna forget my Chapter 2-skrip"sweet" :)  and decided to spent the rest of this night to blogging..huakakakaka *close my Chapter 2-skrip"sweet" directly*. So, tonight I wanna share about my story when I was coming into my cousin's wedding, around 2 weeks ago. I was joint there as keeper for guest book with one of my cousin- @fauziadarojati who usually called Usi. Oy, before I start the story, I want to greeting my cousin first *big smiling* , Happy Wedding Mbak Rizka \(^.^)/ congratulation for your wedding ceremony, hope you'll have sakinah mawadah warahmah family, can't wait for you having a baby#eh #lho ..hahaha 

Ok, back to our business, the wedding was held on 21th of April 2013 in Jakarta-since she is living there. The problem was came up because me and some other families living in different city (Yogyakarta). Since Jakarta-Yogyakarta isn't close enough, there are some choices of transportations that we would use. The choices are between  by train or plane.  Since the families who lived in Yogyakarta quite alot, then that was sounds impossible to go to by plane, then we divided into 2 groups, the 1st group is a group which came there 2 days before the date by train, and the 2nd group is a group which came there a day before it, and I was in the 2nd group with my dad, mom, and older brother :)

Make it short,

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What my Heart Wants to Say (Gareth Gates)

Picture Taken from Google

I re-opened some of my old songs collection, then found out good song that has deep feeling,,haiah..hahaha. As the tittle above, the song title is what my heart wants to say which is sung by Gareth Gates. Look behind in 2002, this song is Gareth Gate's debut album that was released on 26 October 2002. Even that was long time ago, but I hope that you still remember his name. Hehe. Gareth Gates was the runner-up of the first series Pop Idol (American Idol). So, this time I wanna share to you about this song. For you girls or boys who are in love and can't convey the words, I think through this song you can say what your heart really want to say because it can reflect your feeling well indirectly. Enjoy it then :)

 Credit: YouTube

What My Heart Want To Say
by Gareth Gates

You're amazing
So amazing
Have I told you

You're my angel
Guardian Angel
God knows I've been blessed with love

But if I'd be gone tomorrow
Would you know how deep my love goes
Have I ever told you
You're the one

If the words don't come my way
Hope it still love
Hope it still shows
If the words don't come my way
Hope you still know
What my heart want to say

A love so tender
I surrender
To this feeling
So true

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Homeless Student (J-Movie)

The Movie Cover (Picture Taken from Google)

Hueeee,,it's been May now. This month I have a deadline to finish the chapter 1 and 2 of my thesis. Since we are still in the beginning of May, so let's forget a while about my thesis and spent this weekend by watching some movies..yeaaaayy \(^.^)/

Hmm,,some moments ago, I watched a Movie (Japanese Movie) with tittle The Homeless Student. According to the tittle, I thought that the storyline gonna be fulfilled by tears and emotions, but I was wrong. Even there are some scenes that will bring your tears out, but it also consist of funny scenes that will make you laugh :) When I watched the movie, I never thought that the story is based on the true story. I was really surprised when I know that the movie is taken from the otobiography of comedian Japan-Hiroshi Tamura who are really famous :) In his autobiography, Tamura wrote that he was homeless during his high school days after the breakup of his parents. He lived in a public park at night, going through such hardship like eating the cardboard paper for food, looking for a better place to stay when there was raining, rarely taking bath, and any other hardship life.

Starred by Teppei Koike, Akihiro Nishino, Chizuru Ikewaki as the lead artists, the story goes when Hiroshi Tamura comes up home and found out the yellow tape on his house entrance. He was trying to open the door but it is locked. He has no other choice unless keep waiting for his older sister Sachiko Tamura (Chizuru Ikewaki), and oldest brother Kenichi Tamura (Akihiro Nishino). When his older sister and oldest brother were coming, they also not know about what exactly happening. Then finally, their father was coming and told them that they can't live there anymore, their home have been seized by money lenders, and starting that day, they have to live by their self. After give such an absurd announcement, he left his sons away, such an irresponsibility father. Nah, worries that he just gonna be burden to his oldest brother, Hiroshi lied and told his brother that he will stay for a while in his friend's house whereas in the fact, Hiroshi was lived in public park :'(

This movie not only talk about Hiroshi's struggle to stay alive