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Galileo ( ガリレオ) -JDrama (2007)

Since this week I've holiday before the final exam is started, I opened my hardisk and found out my old favorite Japanese Drama, the tittle is Galileo. This drama's genre is detective, mystery; my most favorite genre :) As you see below, that's the cover of the movie :)

Source: Google

This drama was broadcasted in 15th October 2007 by Fuji TV and consist of 10 episodes. Since the first episode, this drama has received high ratings, for example 24.7 % for Kanto ratings and 22.8% for Kansai rating, those are such a high ratings for a drama, I think. It is based on a novel series by Higashino Keigo who won the prestigious Naoki Prize in 2006. Since this drama was very popular at that time, they also released the special episode (they call it as zero episode) and the movie, still with the same main actor who played as the main character, Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu. 

In this drama-Galileo, Fukuyama Masaharu played as a genius weird scientist and university associate professor-Yukawa Manabu- who is actually loves with physics science that related with mystery phenomenon, then when it comes with a murder case, this weird genius professor just feels very interest and decided to help the detective which is played by Utsumi Kaoru as Shibasaki Kou to solve the case. One thing that believed by Yukawa is every phenomenon has cause, there's nothing that can't be explained by the  science. Yukawa is brilliant,
an all-round sportman, tall and handsome, but very eccentric , then those characters are very different with Shibasaki's character that have a hot blooded but with a strong sense of justice. In order to solve the "impossible" case which is happened, they both cooperate and tried to find the culprit.

During watching this drama, you will get new knowledges about physic phenomenon. You will realize that physics science is actually happened in our daily life, starting from the little things, and it even could be used to kill someone. Even physics science isn't easy to understand but by watching this drama, it will improve your intention to know more about physics sceince :) For you that have not watched this drama yet, I really suggest this drama to your weekend movie. Trust me, you're gonna love this as me :)

Oya, the original soundtrack of this drama is sung by both main characters, Utsumi Kaoru and Fukuyama Masaharu that then known as KOH+ , the main soundtract for the drama and the movie are Kiss Shite and Saiai. Saiai even remake today by Korean boysband -2a.m- with tittle the best love. Fukuyama Masaharu wrote the music and lyric for the theme song and accompanies Shibasaki Kou as the singer on guitar and vocal in the chorus. 

The last, but not least, this drama also have received some awards such as Best Drama Series from 13th Asian Television Awards; Best Drama 55th Television Drama Academy Awards; Best Actor-Fukuyama Masaharu- from 55th Television Drama Academy Awards; Best Supporting Actress-Shibasaki Kou- 55th Television Drama Academy Awards; Best Script-Fukuda Yasushi- from 55th Television Drama Academy Awards; Best Director from 55th Television Drama Academy Awards; then Best Theme Song from 55th Television Drama Academy Awards. 

As usual, I provide the pictures of the main characters below :) The source of the pictures are Google.

The weird handsome scientist Yukawa Manabu who is played by Fukuyama Masaharu

Utsumi Kaoru as Shibasaki Kou

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