Saturday, July 12, 2014


Good afternoon \(^o^)/ well, it's been very very long time since the last time i wrote something here. Hope you guys are still in good condition (^ワ^=)

Oya, we're still in Ramadhan month, happy fasting to you all..hope that we still could meet Ramadhan in next years (^^)

Hmm..many things happened during this 6 months.. I resigned from my part time job around 3 months ago (May 2014), the reason wasnt because of my parents, yet since i had a job as a SAP analyst in one of big subsidiaries company. Yeah, all the praises are belong to the One and the Almighty, Alloh SWT who let me passed the tests (^^)

Looked back at my last post.. never been believed that today Iam here in Jakarta, had a job and live alone. I still remember at that time, the time when i decided to tell my boss that i want to resign (in the end of January). Instead of gave me permission to left the job, he asked me to be his accountant, responsible to the daily selling report. He also offered increasing of my salary. Since i would have a new position that doesnt required me to stay late in cafe that makes my Mom worries, then i cancelled my resignation and tell my Mom about the new condition. In the end, everything came back as usual.

Furthermore, in the next month..
the material in SAP class was getting harder, and it sounds impossible to me to stay about 7 hours in the morning at cafe, because i need more my concentration on SAP. Then it became the second time I told my boss that I have intention to resign.
His answer is still the same as the previous one, he wont let me to get out from his business. This time, he let me to do my job at home, as long as I am able to finish the report on time. So then, every morning I come in Cafe to update the daily report by using dropbox, so then he can see it from his smartphone.. and I think it lasts for around 3 months.

On march, I was joined in Monsoon's event that usually called as Meet the Employee.(MTE). The company that came as a guest at that time is the company that I am working now. In the end, when I told my boss that I already accepted to work in company in Jakarta, he let me to resign since he knew that I already get a better job and position.
Well, eventhough he only gave me a small salary, but i still wanna say thanks to him because he already let me joined as part as his business. He gave me a chance to feel the work environtment and had my own money, furthermore I learned many things about life here. As the quote said that everything happened for a reason. I believe also that worked there is a small step and reason why I can passed the interview test, i guess that's because I have many things in my life that I could share with the directors.

As the last paragraph, I want to tell you that everything which happened to you is because the permission of Alloh.. I believe that as long as we have good intention and do it in good ways also, then I guarantee that He will help and guide you to the dream that you pursue.. but also remember, when He havent gave you what you want, keep up your faith because He already prepare a better plan beyond your wish (^^)

Ja nee, bye bye and see you at another post (^▽^)o

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