Tuesday, October 16, 2012


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Helloooooooo,,i think it's been some days i didn't post anything here. I'm busy with my pre-mid exam lately, but tonight i want to share something with you guys about my favorites Japanese duo :)

Have you ever heard about that name (Kobukuro) or even seen the picture above? if Yes,,congratulation then for you b'coz you've known one of the best duo singer in Japan, but if the answer is not, it's ok then, b'coz I'll tell you later about this duo. They both are one of my favorites Japanese singer (duo-in this term) :)

Kobukuro ( コブクロ ) is a Japanese duo which formed in 1998 and made label debut in 2001. The name of this duo is comes from 2 family names Kentaro Kobuchi and Shunsuke Kuroda. Kentaro Kobuchi is in vocals, and guitar, then Shunsuke Kuroda is the main vocals.

Kobuchi and Kuroda met for the first time in May 1998 in Sakai (near Osaka). Kobuchi was a salesman who held street concert every Saturday for joy, then Kuroda was a physical education teacher and also a street musician. Then in September in the same year, Kobuchi offered Kuroda a song and seeing that Kuroda can't play guitar, so the Kobuchi became the guitar player of the group, therefore the duo group Kobukuro was formed. Since from 1999, Kobukuro has been released 13 albums and 21 singles. 

I was started listen to their songs since 2009. That was when i heard one of their songs  for the first time with tittle Akai Ito. My brother recommend me to listen that song. Then just after i listened to the song, I instantly fell in love with it. One thing that i really adore from they both are they have amazing voice that can enchant you. Everytime you hear they are singing, you'll feel that they are really singing from their deepest heart. It seems that they really understand the meaning and its feeling inside the song. 

If you want to see their video and live performance, I put the videos below. All the credit from YouTube :))

Kobukuro- Toki no Ashioto


Kobukuro Live Performance- Sakura

Kobukuro-Ryuusei (Ost Nagareboshi)

Kobukuro-Blue Bird (Ost Bakuman)

note: Credit for the videos are for Youtube

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