Sunday, January 19, 2014

In the Edge of Decision

Have you ever feel that galau feeling? In this case is a worry feeling, specifically, related with your future? Well, I felt it since around a week ago, and I think you guys can guess what it is about >.<
Had been stayed about 3 months (or more) in my part-time job, but lately I can't help my Mom's command to resign from it. I knew that it's for my sake since I often get shift schedule till 11 p.m, but I just feel that I still have not get enough knowledge and experience yet from it >.<

Well, actually, i used to choose haf a part time job because i want to have my own money. It was started not long time after I had the thesis exam. I want to continue my Japanese Language Course but my Dad wont to pay the fee since at that time I was disagreed with him and rejected his command to join in SAP course. But then, eventhough at that time I was rejected his command, but deep in my heart I knew that all he want is for my future's sake. He wants to make sure that I get the best things that can add my value, in order to get a good job. Then slowly, I opened my heart and start had eager to know more about SAP. Then now, since I already joined in SAP, my Dad told me that I do not need to continue my part-time job to get money because he will pay me the fee of Japanese Course, so he wants me to resign from my par-time job as soon as possible.

I'm not confident enough with my own decision, I'm afraid that I'll make
mistake in the decision making process, that is why I need someone that I can talk to. Then I think that doing istikaharah is the best way. I have some consideration why I want to keep my part-time job (not only about me, but about another thing that I can't share here), but I also can't let my Mom waiting me come home very late almost everyday. I do not want to give her another burden since my Mom is not young anymore, but the main pont is I do not want to be durhaka daughter. All I want is to make my parents happy and proud to have me as their children. You guys must be agree with me that the best thing in this world is to see your parents smile, but the next best thing is to know that the reason behind their smile face is you :)

Well, I'm using that reason then to make a decision. I know that it's not an easy thing to do, but as long as it can make my parents feel more ease about their daughter, then that is that I will to do :) I already decided that I will resign at the end of this month, but I will tell my boss (the owner) first, it's to gave him some times to get a new cashier as my substitute.

Hmmm.. I guess that I've been wrote many words here, then it's time to sleep now. Hope that everything will run well and smoothly started from here.

Good Night then :) Mata nee *waves*

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