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Gokusen (J-Drama)

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Still wondering actually, should I still make post about it or not since this dorama is very famous until today. But then consider about what I have mentioned in the head page of this blog that I will share about everything that I really like here, then I decided to still posting it tonight. For you who loves Japanese dramas and movies, I bet you knew about it. Haha. I watched it for the first time around middle of 2009, just after my senior told me about this drama.

I still remember at that time I was an voluntary teacher (together with some of my friends) from my organization campus-IPF for the kids that became the victim of vulcanic eruption in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. Since I've no basic to teach the elementary students, I had problem then. I have no idea what I should do to make them be focus on the material that I gave to them. I was telling that (curhat) to my senior who at that time has position as the head of division, then he advised me to be more patience and more understanding them, as we know that they are just kids whereas we know that most of kids are prefer to playing around than studying. Then in the end of chat he asked me to watch that drama, he said that maybe I can learn how to teach the students in better way by watching it. Haha. Yes, that was the first time I knew about it, and he was right. It was very good dorama :)

Gokusen is a manga series which is
made by Kazueko Morimoto. The story tells about the Kumiko Yamaguchi, the grand-daughter of Yakuza boss- who becomes a teacher in male privat high school. In 2002, the manga was adapted into a television drama with Yukie Nakama as the main role. The story goes when Kumiko was starting become a homeroom-teacher (her subject is Math) in male privat high school, whereas actually she is the grand-daughetr of Yakuza boss, Kuroda-the Kuroda Ikka. Her parents died when she was at the age of 7. Since she has no any other relative, she lived with her grandpa. Actually Kumiko is the next line to head the family business because her grand-father has no other relative, but then Kumiko decided to follow his father's path, become a teacher. Even her grand-father approves her choice, but the rest people in her family want her to become the next boss, that is why she usually called as Ojou.

Kumiko's class is full of delinquents boys that usually call her as "Yankumi". She tries her best to teach them, not only about academic-math- but also the lessons of life. She taught to become honest, dignity, and loyal person. Do prank toward their friends even their teachers are still acceptable, but never become coward and irresponsible person. She also promise to her students that she will stand in the first row to protect them, even if that time none cares or believes in them. Hmm,,that was really amazing, just imagine, what if Yankumi was really exist in the real life. I'm gonna really love to have her as my homeroom-teacher :)

Oy, this dorama consist of 3 seasons and 1 Movie. For the first season, the students' character are similar with the manga. They are Sawada Shin (the leader of 3-D) that played by Matsumoto Jun; Uchiyama Haruhiko who played by Oguri Shun; Minami Yoichi played by Yuma Ishigaki, next is Kumai Teruo that usually called by Kuma which has meaning Bear who played by Tomohiro Waki, then the last is Noda Takeshi who played by Hiroki Narimiya.

The students in every seasons are different. The former students from the season 1 never shown again in the next drama season unless Kuma. He was appeared in the second and third seasons (including the Movie). In the second series, he was revealed to be married with the girl he had crush in the first season. Through the seasons, Kuma helps Yankumi when he sees her students getting into some kind of troubles.

When the movie coming out, most of Yankumi's students from season 1 until 3 was appeared except Shin (played by Matsujun). I believe that every single fans of this dorama were waiting for his appearance, but that was never happened. I heard some rumours that it is caused by Matsujun-Yuki relation that has been broken. For the following 4 years, Nakama Yukie and Matsumoto Jun were always seen together, but they were said had broken up during 2005. Maybe that thing which become the reason why Shin never shown again in the series and movies. Actually, I expect the end of it similar with the manga, but then yeah..we cant get anything that we want, right?hehe

For me, the first season is still the best, compares to season 2 and 3. But still, every season has their own story. So, by watching this dorama series, you'll get value of friendship, pride, honesty, bravery, dignity, and belief. I guarantee that this dorama will bring you back in the time when you were as high school student. It brings  me laugh, and shed my tears here and there. As Yankumi said that studying isn't for getting good grades, but for training our self to overcome the hardship. Academic grade is not the only one tool to measure whether they are good person or not, but the thing that had by human being which is called as heart which is the most important. So live our life with pride, belief, and dignity :)

Last sentence, for you who haven't watched this dorama, I have nothing to say except how unlucky you are :)

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Matsujun played as Shin. You're sooo cool :* :*

Nakama Yukie as Yankumi :)

Gokusen Season 1

The class situation at the first meeting (season 1)

Gokusen Season 2

Gokusen Season 3

Unfortunately, we'll never see that ending :(

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