Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Down Syndrome

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According to the pictures above, can you recognize any differences in those babies pictures with any other babies condition at the same age physically? Yups, those babies are babies with down syndrome. Then, what will you do if you find out someone in your environment or even one of your member family is having that condition? Will you avoid, reject, hate, or even ashame with him/her condition? Can you love him/her unconditionally just like what him/her do to your self?

Before I continue my post, I want to explain what down syndrome is in brief explanation. According to the information that i get from Wikipedia, Down Syndrome (DS) or Down's syndrome which is also known as trisomy 21 is a chromosomal condition which is caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. Down syndrome is the most common chromosome abnormality in humans. It is typically associated with a delay in cognitive ability (mental retardation), physical growth, and a particular set of facial characteristics. The average IQ of young adults with DS is around 50, compared to children without the condition with an IQ of 100. A large proportion of individuals with DS have a severe degree of intellectual disability. 

Some people in our environment will try to hide their children with down syndrome. Most of them assume that have a child with down syndrome is a disgrace or sin, they even feeling ashame to bring out their children. That was so sad, I think, since they are the biological parent of that child. The child who was born in that special condition never asked to be born in that conditon, I mean, nobody want to be born with down syndrome, and none parents hope to have a child with down syndrome, then should we blame him/her who was born in that condition? I think that is not fair. Oke, I could not only blame the parents also. They are feeling ashame and thought it as disgrace maybe because of
our environment that really like to judge something from one side (especially the bad side). They never think about the good side that also provided by the God. Just if you want to open your eyes, your mind and even your heart, you will find their sincerity to you. Someone with down syndrome is not really different with us, I mean he/she is still human, we can still interact with him/her but through certain communication and special way, he/she needs to be loved especially with his/her families. We know that every babies who were born in this world have right to be loved, then why should we avoid, reject or hate them? Don't you know that many children with DS were graduated from high school and can do paid work, and some of them are participated in post-secondary education as well. Education and proper care has been shown to improve quality of life significantly.

I have a cousin with down syndrome condition. I, no, I mean the whole members family are really love him. He's so adorable. He's kinda person who really care with other people, funny with his "big muk", full of spirit, very good in playing computer game and electronic, really like to eat, and lovable. I really respect and appreciate his parents (including his two older brothers) who are really love him. They caring him with heart, and full of loves. They gave him good education. His parents are kinda amazing parents, really,,I mean it. I said like that, because I never see parents who are really proud and have no ashame to bring out their child with down syndrome condition like them. My cousin is the real prove that not all of children with down syndrome are having bad attitude, can not be told, can not obey the rules, and any other bad mark related with the child that having DS. I just want you to know guys, that having a relative with that condition isn't disgrace or sin. God that has been made them, and every creatures that made by Him are also having certain purpose and benefit. Be wise, don't just let yourself fall in the wrong paradigm. Never judge the book from its cover, coz the cover could be deceive you, but not what is in the inside. See this world with the opened mind :)

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