Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finally I got my degree \(^.^)/

Hollaaaaaaaaaaa,,, good morning pals :) yeaaayyh, I'm in high tension today :) Finally,after these 4 years which are fulfilled with struggle, obstacles, tears, sweat, smile and laughs, yesterday, on 23rd of November, I was officially graduaded from Islamic University of Indonesia. Really happy since I was graduaded with cumlaude GPA, and yesterday was one of the big moments during my life :)

At that day, I was busy to prepare everything. Oy, I forgot to tell you that around 3 weeks after my thesis exam, I was applied to work in a cafe as part-time worker with position as a cashier. Nah, regarding with my graduation schedule, then I decided to took 3 days off from my work. I told my boss (the cafe owner) and my partner to substitute my position. Well, eventhough I have those 3 days off, but actually I was still busy with graduation matters such as for the rehearseal (we usually called it gladi bersih in bahasa) and (actually I was quite embarrased to tell it) looking for heels shoes >.< sadly, I've to tell you that I have no heels shoes to used in graduation ceremony since I usually wear sneaker for my daily activity. Well, back to the main topic, there are 2 kinds of rehearseal before the graduation day, the first one was on Thursday (2 days before)-special for those who got cumlaude GPA, then the second one was on Friday (a day before)-together with all of candidates from all faculties and departments.

In this graduation periode, there are 6 students who
graduaded from my department, they are Dwiky, Aul, Tika, mas Gerry, mas Omik and me ; that was quite many since in the last period there were only two students that graduated from my department. Eventhough I really want to take picture with them, but unfortunately I cant find them after the ceremony, maybe because there are many people who came into graduation ceremony, so I only can gathered with Dwiky and Aul started from the beginning until the ceremony ends :)

Actually, there are still many things that I really want to share here, but I guess it will take longer time to write it, so I decided to share it through the pictures. Final words, for those who came in my our graduation, I would say thank you very much. I want you to know that you guys are so amazing, having you all during my life such a great present from my Lord, the almighty.  Oya, thanks for the gifts also :') I know that graduation isnt the end of my journey, there's still long way lies ahead. I do realize that I still have my biggest dream to pursue whatever it takes :) Yups, the real life just began and I've to prepare my self to be ready. Yoosshh bismillah (^.^)9

Below is the pictures related with my graduation things 8)

Photo from studio

with my beloved parents

with my absurd-annoying-older brother :p

With Pandu, Sheylla, Abi, Lumos, Rizka and Rahma

Pandu and Abi are substituded by Dhol

With management mates

Had a picture with the red couple. Actually, it is my favorite picture :)

Edited photo by Dhol :)

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