Friday, November 30, 2012

Congratulation Partner *\(ˆ▽ˆ)/*

You are Rock!!!I knew you can did it!! That was the words that I said to him when he was officially announced passed the compre exam. Happy to see you've passed that exam since we were starting study together in early month just with one aim and purpose, to pass the compre exam :)
I'll share the picture below 

Abi and Mbak Tiara who passed the exam

Even my partner was passed the exam, unfortunately there's one of my friends who doesn't pass that exam. That was so sad to know since five of us are come from the same class and promise to pass the exam together. We have schedule to study together in every weekend. We would discuss about the material compre that we don't really understand or just trying to test our memory by sparing asking-answer the questions. Knowing the fact that there is one of us that didn't pass the exam was really bad news and like a awkward moment to us for a while.

So in this occasion i want to say congratulation to my partner Abi and Mbak Tiara who have passed the compre exam, and for you my classmate who still hasn't pass this exam, please don't give up and cheer up your self. Trying the exam for the next month and please don't forget to keep praying. I know you will pass the exam for the next month :) I'm here to help you if you need something from me. I know that I can't do anything for you, but if i could, I would definitely do :)

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