Monday, October 8, 2012

My Birthday I : You Guys are Really Rock [special for my beloved best friends] \m/

Do you know what's the fun things in the world, especially in your special day [your birthday]? I think that's not a beautiful gifts or even delicious cake..For me, finding people around me greeting for my birthday, praying for my self, then make some silly-failed-cute surprises are the cutest and most lovable things in my birthday. Found that people around me is really care and love my self is something that really fun which give me more spirit and faith to face the future. All those surprises since from the part #1 until part #3 really make me grateful to have you all as my best friends :)) even not all of the surprises were running well and successful,  but trust me, that was really enough for me to be one of the most lucky girl in the world.  :))

Do you know, even my parents never remind my birthday (and my brother's). Celebrating birthday isn't become a culture in my family. We used to celebrated my brother and my birthday when we were child (until elementary school-grade 3), but it was, not nowadays. My brother and I have same month at birthday, so actually it's very easy to remember. However, my parents never remember our birthday. But it doesn't matter for us, because we know that our parents are really busy with their job. They didn't even remember their birthday. Remembering birthday (even their own birthday) is just the smallest thing that unimportant and unnecessary for them, so I usually put our own date birthday in their mobile. Hope that they will remember their child birthday, even they both birthday. So, when our birthday is coming, we [my brother and I] usually celebrate it together. His birthday is 2 weeks before me, then when the day is coming, he will treat me foods or drinks that I want. Because of my parents are really busy, we seldom to have time together with them. So, when they both at home, then my brother will take home the same things that he bought for me on his birthday for my parents, then when they asked, we will tell them that today or yesterday or some days ago is my brother birthday so he treat us, and vice versa. When they realize it's my brother or my birthday, then they will greeting us, hug us and pray for our own successful in the future. It's enough for me since they are really busy with their own business. See my parents happy with the foods or drinks that we bought, it's also a gift for me.  It's like an exchange for me. They used to treat us when we were child, so this time is our turn to treat them :') Have a time together with them is such a precious thing for me.  Anyhow my parents are, my brother and I still love them with our deepest heart. For us, they are the greatest parents in this world. Nobody's like them :')

So, in my 22nd years, I know that I'm not young anymore (Yeeesss, I know that I need long time to realize that. HAHA..) Helloooo, I'm 22 years old now. It means that I've to think more serious about my life, my future, and my dreams. I knew that to achieve all of those things are not easy [definitely!], that's why this year I've to be someone better than my previous years. There are many things that became my wish for this year. I hope that i can achieve it, soon or later. One thing that I'm sure is I want to make my parents and my family (included my uncle and aunt- if-you-know-who-I-mean) proud of me. HEHE.. 
For you guys, my best friends (Meutia, Rahma, Sheylla, Lina, Rizka, Tyas, Lumos, Dwiky) and other people that help them arranged the surprises, I really say Thank You. BIG THANK YOU for all of you who are really cares and loves me. You guys that still give me spirit, and fun to keep coming to Uni; you guys who make my day brighter everyday. Without you all, Uni isn't complete. Knowing and being friends with you all is one of my blessing. Realize it or not, you've been completed me :') Hope that we're gonna be best friend forever. :)) Love you all.

My regard, 

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