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Faith (Korean Drama)

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Colossal or historical drama is one of my favorites. Watching the history movies (dramas) which are happened in the past then know more about those figures who took part in the history are really enchanted me. I admit that since some times ago, I felt really bored with K-drama which most of them are contain of love story or romance. That's why I stopped for a while to watch it and prefer to choose any  other kind of movies or dramas.  Unfortunately then, my movies (dramas) stock which are saved in my hardisk are out of stock, but there's one last drama which I haven't watched, and it is Korean Drama which has tittle Faith. I saved this drama since I knew that the lead artist who takes place in the drama is Lee Min Ho, my favorite Korean actor. But then yeah, as the reason that I've mentioned before, I thought that I only gonna save it and make it as my collection, till a week ago I decided to watch it. 

The first time I saw it, in the first episode, I never thought that I'll love this drama so much like today.Haha. I knew that Lee Min Ho is kinda a very good actor who always successfully played his roles in every dramas, but I never thought that Iam gonna love his role as the great General Choi Young, a great warrior, a captain of Woodalchi warriors-the loyal army of royal family, sooooo much. He was very cool and adorable. With his brave and loyalty to the King, I guarantee you'll never want to stop watch this drama till the last episode :)

Ok then, for the brief explanation, I'll share to you about this drama.
Faith which is also known as The Great Doctor is a 2012 South Korean fusion fantasy-historical-medical television series which is broadcasted by SBS from August 13 October 30, 2012 on Mondays and Tuesday at 21.55 , which is consist of 24 episodes. The story is about a modern plastic surgeon, Yoon Eun Soo (which is played by Kim Hee Sun) who get kidnapped and travels back in time to the Goryeo period, 700 years in the past. There, she meets and falls in love with a warrior who is the leader or captain of the royal guard of Woodalchi, Choi Yung (played by Lee Min Ho). Together with Choi Young, they helped the King to overcome the surgency of Ki Chul (played by Yu Oh Seong).

Even this drama still contain of Love story, but it also tell us about the loyalty value to our nation. Choi Young is someone with no ambition to money and authority. He's not afraid of death. He would stand before the King to protect him and the people that he loved. He's kinda smart warrior who has ability in strategize and attack head-on. Even the king's enemies always try to defame him, he's always success to prove his loyalty to the King in the end.

This drama is fulled with emotion. You can feel the pure and true love between Yoon Eun Soo and Choi Young, you can feel the feeling of betrayal which is faced by the King- how those dirty politics have been existed since long time ago, you will also feel the hard situation when you are in one position that corner/forced you to choose between 2 important things in your life. One thing that I really like from this drama is Choi Young's and any other Wooldalchi's loyalty toward their king. Since we know today that person with loyalty characteristic is very rare to be found. FYI, I do really respect those people who keep their loyalty to their friends, family, lover, boss, subordinates, etc. because in my opinion, through having that personality I can measure how their sincerity toward me. Through being a loyalty person, you will learn how to fulfill your promise, hmmm..maybe that's the point. This drama bring some tears for me. I remember that I can't resist my tears out when I was seeing the part where Choi Young told about his story with his previous force. Also just because of his loyalty to his head master he was trying to alive and still dedicate his self to the present King :')

Oy, according to some news that I got, faith was sold to 6 countries, including Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and others. Japan reportedly purchased the series for a better price then most dramas. This drama also won some of SBS drama Awards, such as Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries: Lee Min Ho, the Top 10 Stars: Lee Min Ho, and the last is the New Star Award: Park Se Young. So, as the last sentence, this drama is recommended for you, don't wait to long to watch it :)

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The Captain and some members of Woodalchi :)

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