Monday, October 1, 2012


It's October already. It should be a best moment for the good wishes in the early month, but yeaaah,,someone successfully ruined my mood today :'(
Someone that I thought as a friend for this long time was trying to re-open the old wound that I have actually tried to forget for some times ago. It was started when he was starting tweet in his twitter, told about the old story. It just gonna make me more and more and more hate him if I just re-write his tweets here. So, here, I put all of my feeling toward his actions that he though very cool or even brave. 

For you, yes YOU!!that thingking we are as an old friends, if you are really know the meaning of what friendship is, i bet you'll never do something bad toward your friends, even if they made mistakes. If you really love your friend, you should remind or alarm them if they do a mistake, not just avoid us and live with your own life then talking your old friends in twitter. I'm wondering now, have you ever thought that those accidents was appear just because of you..yes..YOURSELF!!have you think about that before?!Please don't blame other people about something that you did..tell me now, who's start that incident? Who want to be close with one of my best friends? Who was confide in every night talking about his romance? Who have hurt my friend's feeling and give her FAKE HOPES? WHO?!!! PLEASE TELL ME WHO?!!! IS IT YOU, ISNT IT? and now, you said that was OUR FAULT? hmmm,,ok,,take a look..maybe you were right, yeeah,,that was our fault..that was our fault why we were just believed eveything that you said at that time. We should be more careful and not believe you easily. 

Don't you know that re-open the old wounds that actually want to be burried was not something cool. If you think that you have succed to squip and made us feel more guilty, you're wrong. What you're doing now just make me even more disgusted to you. Thought to be honest, I used to blame my own self then trying re-establish a good relation with you even nowdays, but today you've ruined it, this midnight.

I just wanna make you know that talking about your friends in their back isn't something good, cool, or even brave. Trying to be nice in front of us but talking about us in our back, no i mean in social media is just make me disgusted to you. I, no, WE KEEP SILENCE didn't mean to justify what you said. We were silence just because we wanted to see what is actually you are, then finally, I know it now, and it do not take long time just to prove it.

Still for you who always think that you are the perfect creature in the world, please take a look into your heart. Don't you ever feel guilty even just a little?Dont you be ashamed with your own self?
One thing that I do believe is Karma do exist, and God is never sleeps.

Hope that this one quote can represent my feeling now, " No need for revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually screw themselves up. If you're lucky, God will let you watch it."
I have forgiven what you did today, but it doesn't mean that i can forget it, because a wound always lefts a scar.

*p.s because you don't even know what friend is, i put an quote about it. "A Friend is one who knows us, but love us anyways" by Fr. Jerome Cummings

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