Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Married Salsa \(^.^)/

Konbawaaaaa and good night,,it's been around a week or more I didn't post here, it's because I was going to Pemalang, came in my classmate's wedding-Salsa. She's a descendant of Arabian, even she was stayed in UII just for 2 semesters (then decided to move in Jekardah-lol), but she's still part of our class. So when her wedding invitation was coming, we decided to come. So the wedding was on 23 December 2012, and a day before, there was Macar (bachelorette party-pesta lajang) which is intended just for the girls. We don't really understand about Arabic culture, but we were really interest to join it. So, the people that coming to the wedding ceremony is me, Sheylla, Meutia, Rahma, Lina, Peppy, Tyas, Sally (Koh's girlfriend), Koh, Jojo, Isa, Buzat, Bachrul, Yoga, Angga, Dwiky, Danu, Nowo, Abi, and Ilham. 

That is the wedding invitation cover

Still the invitation letter

Since the Macar was started in 22 December 2012 night, so we off to Pemalang in the morning (08.30 a.m), then we arrived around 03.30 p.m. We slept in hotel where the event was held. Salsa was booked 3 rooms for us, so 1 room is for around 7 persons. Since the number of the girls are 8, so the girls get one room to be shared, then the rest room was used by the boys. The rooms and the beds are quite good but unfortunately there's problem with the conduit, so there is no water there. Could you imagine that? There's no water, how we could get shower then? Fortunately, one of my friends-Meutia, has a relative in pemalang, so we went there every time we have to get shower. While the girls
went to Macar, the boys visited Ilham's house in Pekalongan. At the first time, they decided to slept there, but because we would visit water park and beach together in the next morning, so they decided come back to the hotel at the midnight. Below is the picture of us before off to Macar :)

From the left to the right, Sally,Mutia,Tyas,Sheylla,Lina,Me,Peppy,and Rahma who took the picture

That was Salsa in Macar (She is very beautiful, isn't she)

Spent the time together with friends, started from shared the room, played prank, insult each other, help each other to put on some make up are some of memories that I will never forget. Even there are some problems that we were facing at that time, but since we tried to solve it together, that was fine :)
I wanna share many pictures here, but unfortunately, I just have some of them, so I'll update the other soon

In front of our room (Lina,Mutia,Me,Peppy,Tyas,Sheylla)

Still in front of our room (Rahma,Lina,Tyas,Me,Peppy,Sheylla)

Took picture with Salsa before the wedding ceremony (akad nikah)

Present for Salsa from us

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