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The Homeless Student (J-Movie)

The Movie Cover (Picture Taken from Google)

Hueeee,,it's been May now. This month I have a deadline to finish the chapter 1 and 2 of my thesis. Since we are still in the beginning of May, so let's forget a while about my thesis and spent this weekend by watching some movies..yeaaaayy \(^.^)/

Hmm,,some moments ago, I watched a Movie (Japanese Movie) with tittle The Homeless Student. According to the tittle, I thought that the storyline gonna be fulfilled by tears and emotions, but I was wrong. Even there are some scenes that will bring your tears out, but it also consist of funny scenes that will make you laugh :) When I watched the movie, I never thought that the story is based on the true story. I was really surprised when I know that the movie is taken from the otobiography of comedian Japan-Hiroshi Tamura who are really famous :) In his autobiography, Tamura wrote that he was homeless during his high school days after the breakup of his parents. He lived in a public park at night, going through such hardship like eating the cardboard paper for food, looking for a better place to stay when there was raining, rarely taking bath, and any other hardship life.

Starred by Teppei Koike, Akihiro Nishino, Chizuru Ikewaki as the lead artists, the story goes when Hiroshi Tamura comes up home and found out the yellow tape on his house entrance. He was trying to open the door but it is locked. He has no other choice unless keep waiting for his older sister Sachiko Tamura (Chizuru Ikewaki), and oldest brother Kenichi Tamura (Akihiro Nishino). When his older sister and oldest brother were coming, they also not know about what exactly happening. Then finally, their father was coming and told them that they can't live there anymore, their home have been seized by money lenders, and starting that day, they have to live by their self. After give such an absurd announcement, he left his sons away, such an irresponsibility father. Nah, worries that he just gonna be burden to his oldest brother, Hiroshi lied and told his brother that he will stay for a while in his friend's house whereas in the fact, Hiroshi was lived in public park :'(

This movie not only talk about Hiroshi's struggle to stay alive
and make his mom (that has been died) proud of him, but also talk about the value of family. Family is a place where you'll find home. Through watching this drama, you'll find that family is they who always there for you, will always love, protect and accept you in any conditions. The other important thing that I can get from this movie is the Hiroshi's patience. He choose to bear that problem alone and more worries about his brother which fortunately meet him with his best friend that has very good parents who give permission to him to stay there and also help him and his brother to find the new house for three of them to live :)

This movie was really good especially for you guys that now having problem. This movie will make you feel more grateful since you have a home with complete family-Mom and Dad who will always provide your needs. Through watching this movie, you'll find how the real oldest brother figure that always trying his best to support and provide their needs while he just have a part-time job. You can feel his love toward his brother and sister :) For me, the figure of Kenichi Tamura was very good here. So, as the final sentence, for you guys who haven't watch that movie, I recommend it to you. Since this movie's genre is drama-family, you can choose to watch it alone or together with your whole family :)

The real Hiroshi Tamura (Japanese Comedian)

Teppei Koike as Hiroshi Tamura

Chizuru Ikewaki as Sachiko Tamura

Akihiro Nishino as Kenichi Tamura

Below is the pictures of the some scenes :)

The scene when they found their home with the yellow tape

When they finally can gathered again in the new home

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