Sunday, December 15, 2013

Well.. Happy Graduation for you Broth \m/

Woaaa,, after made a post around two weeks ago about my graduation ceremony, then tonight I wanna share another my happiness story :) As you can see above in the tittle, finally, yesterday my older brother was officially graduaded from Science and Technology Information Faculty after struggling for six years to get the degree. Oya, for your information, actually my brother took degree from 2 different universities. He was officially registered as student in Technology Information Department and Tourism Department. He already got his degree from tourism department on 2012, well.. since today his name will be more longer than before with those 2 degrees, S.Par, S.Kom :p

Through this post, I wanna say congratulation to you. See, finally you can complete the mission :p Graduate from one uni isnt easy job but you instead succesfully graduaded from 2 different universities and 2 different majors. I want you to know that if you willing to "force" your self a little bit harder, I believe that you gonna be "someone" in the future. No matter what your planning is in the future, I always hope that God will always guide us to the right path. One of my favorite quotes is " Blood is thicker than Water" , so I want you to know that blood relation (family) never can be broke by everything :)

Note: Actually, i wrote this post 4 years ago and i just realized that i havent publish it. Big sorry bro, i was really forget :(

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