Thursday, November 29, 2012

Praise the Lord..Praise the Lord \(‾▿‾\) \(‾▿‾\)

29th November 2012 gonna be unforgetable day for me b'coz finally after a month fully with pressure, galau feeling, and very much compre material exam, I was legally announced passed the compre exam...Yattaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Thanks Lord for your blessing to me even I just got C while my friends (Rizka and Mutia) got B, it really doesn't matter. I know that I dont deserve get that grade (B) this time..haha

Meutia, Rizka, and Me just after finished the compre exam

As I mentioned before in the prior post that compre exam is kinda "scary crazy exam" for me.Yess,,it was really scary..even i can say that my team is more lucky than the other team (Team 2 which is consist of Abi, Tika, and Mbak Tiara). In this occasion, it was announced that I will get Mr. Syamsul Hadi, Mr. Sigit, and Mrs. Ataina as the examiner.
In Accounting Department, Mr.Sigit is really famous with label as nice lecturer, so it's gonna be always oke to get him as your examiner in compre exam. The other one examiner is Mrs. Ataina. According to the rumour that I got about her from my seniors, she is really nice in giving the mark or grade in compre exam, she also have label as a compre assessor who gave easy question for the examinees.Yeaaah,,but yesterday i found out that all of that informations were wrong. I don't even know but I just feel that she was really different with the rumour that told by my senior to me. She gave me question that i can't answer >.< I was just like "Damn,,what the fu*k of that question,mam?!!" She asked me about the accrual basis and the implication of the Economic Entity or that she usually called as Business Entity. I was never read about the implication of Business Entity because as far as i know Economy activity which is exist in the KDPPLK (Konsep Dasar Penyusunan Pelaporan Keuangan) it didn't discuss 'bout the implication. At that time i was just give my opinion regarding her question logically. One thing that I really hate from her is her expression when she gave respond to my answer. I swear, that was really annoying, more suck than Mr.Sugeng expression. But yeaayh,,however I still should be grateful and say thank you to her because I guess, I got more score from her to pass the exam :)) Thank you mam :)

Oy, in the last minute before the test was started, the management (Mbak Alfi) told us that Mr.Syamsul was changed into Mr.Sugeng because actually Mr.Sugeng have a business on Friday and can't do his job as assesor exam on that day. So, officially, my examiner for compre exam was Mr.Sugeng, Mr.Sigit, and Mrs.Ataina as the chief examiner. How lucky I am got those 3 lecturers as our examiners. I still can't imagine what if I get Mr. Swell aka Mr.Suwaldiman as the examiner. That's why God, i really grateful for everything that You gave to me including the partition of the team and examiners. I knew from the start that if I would pass compre exam, that just because of You. Thanks for hearing my prayers..Still You're the best, and the only one in my Life. Never regret to entrust my life to You :)

Oy, I also want to say thank you for my friends who were specially coming just to accompany us during the exam test,starting from @FranksieNumb8 , @HariLumos , @linatrianitaa, @NonShey, #tyas, @fraistifina, @dwiky_hary , and @aryoabi ...really grateful to have you all around guys :)

Our beloved supporter \(^.^)/

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