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Kazoku Game-家族ゲーム

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Already finished watch Sho's newest dorama, I want to share the review since I think this dorama was really interesting. This is the first time for Sho-chan was appeared in the dorama played like an psycho. Well, before I start the review, I want to share a little story about my struggle to get this dorama.Hhe :)

Watched the trailer for the first time only made me more curios about the story. The problem came out when I realized that I'm not really good with the downloading stuffs including find the best sources or LJ to get the dorama. I decided to wait it until it come in warnet. Some moments ago, when I went to warnet, finally, I got it, but unluckily, there were only 4 episodes that available while the number of total episode was 10 >.<  watched 4 episodes only made me felt more curios to get the rest since I want to know the end of the story. I only have 2 choices, first,I've to wait it till it is updated by the warnet or ask the copy from my Japanese class's friend. Since the first choice is looked like would take such long time, then I tried to call my friend, but then sadly, she was really busy and it sounds impossible to meet her nowdays, she said that she would be free nearly Ied Mubaraq. Well, since that was the most possible way to get the dorama, I'm patiently wait till the moment is come. Then, here I am tonight, already finished watch the rest episodes\(^.^)/ yattaaa..

Oke, fine. Lets back to our business tonight, about the review of this dorama :) According to the information that I got, Kazoku Game (Family Game) dorama was adapted from a novel which is written by Honma Yohei that has been made for the movie and television series around 30 years ago. In 2013, it was returned and aired on Fuji Tv around 17th April 2013 till 19th June 2013. This movie is about the family and school's problems that (maybe actually) happened in our environtment. The story goes when
Yoshimoto Koya (Sakurai Sho)- a private tutor- become a tutor for on the edge of dropping out student, Numata Shigeyuki (Uragami Seishuu). Expecting the great result, Shigeyuki's father was made deal with the tutor that he would give 100,000 yen bonus if he could make Shigeyuki return to school within a week. Yoshimoto accepted the challenge and said that it would only takes 5 days for him to complete the mission, but still with one condition, nobody can interfere with his method in doing so. During the days due to complete the mission, Yoshimoto found out many problems that actually facing by Numata's family. It was started from the ignorance Father (Itao Itsuji) that only care with his carier in the company; then added with the Mom's (Suzuki Honami) problem that always worries with what others said about them, always trying to show the perfect and happy family; yet still the most dangerous problem is what actually happened with the older brother, Numata Shinichi (Kamiki Ryonosuke). He always trying to act as a perfect and adorable son, the honor student that famous, talented, briliant and has many great achievements while in the fact he was under pressure condition. He usually releases his stress by stolen some magazines or did some little crimes quietly toward his friends.

Nah, found out the facts about the real problems that facing by Numata family, Yoshimoto want to "educate" them, not only educate Shigeyuki but the whole members. That's why this dorama is called as Family Game. During the story, Yoshimoto gave some tests for each of them unknowingly. Those tests are looked like coincidence while in the facts those have been arranged by Yoshimoto. One by one of member family should face their real self and problems, trying to be deal with their fear, and work together to find out the best solution with one mission, make the "real family", a family that would share and burden everything together. Trying to re-build the bond between each members family with openess, respect, and love as the foundation in order to make their "new" family.

But then, before all those things come true, a secret about Yoshimoto-sensei was revealed. Shinichi found out that the real Yoshimoto was hospitalized and the one that being his younger brother's tutor was other person who has real name Tago Yudai. Jeng jeng jeng,,the story would be more interesting since the facts and the past story about Yoshimoto-sensei and Tago-sensei were revealed in the story one by one :)

Well well well well, has been felt curious enough to see the complete story? Wanna know how will Yoshimoto "educate" Numata family? or what is Yoshimoto-sensei, no, Tago-sensei real motivation in teaching? Then, what will you do if you find out that the tutor that you really like has such a black and pathetic past?
Dont be worry to much because you'll get those answers by watching the dorama. Enjoy it then :)

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