Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nugie-Lentera Jiwa

Good night,,sorry for make the late post tonight since I just finished my homework (VBA final project). Actually that project should be done in gorup, but my 2 other partners can't handle it, so we divided the duty, and yes.. Iam the one that responsible to make the system. It's ok, because actually it improved my ability instead in that program :) Ok then, forget about my vba homework, so tonight I want to share about Indonesia song which has title Lentera Jiwa. I make post about it, just to remind me that Hey, Im Indonesian, why I am not trying to promote and share the story about my motherland, my beloved country Indonesia, even for just its song..haha. No matter how I really want to go overseas especially Japan, the fact that I am  an Indonesian and was born by Indonesian lady will never change, forever :)

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Back to the main topic, about Nugie's song. Actually, I don't really know about his songs since I am not one of his fans, but I think it's an old song. The story goes when I have a kind of chat with my friend (my junior high school friend) through facebook related his life recently. So, he's kinda smart, no, no, maybe genius guy that used to registered as student of STAN, then decided to quit from STAN and joint to SIMAK UI to come in Physical Major, an Major that he really likes. Hmm,,can you imagine that? When there are a lot of people that struggle to be accepted by STAN (at least just to pass the exam to get there) and in that condition he has been accepted and studied there for a year, but he just left it and choose a major that he really loves. I was get surprise when I heard that information. He reminds me about 3idiots movie (you've been watched that, haven't you?). Then yes, when I asked him about the reason, he directly told me about that movie, tell about one character in that movie that has similar story with him. He even gave me this song, he told me that this song is very nice, and yes, he was right :') . Lentera Jiwa is a really good song. This song just remind me about my self in some years ago, when I wasn't brave enough to stand for my dream to join in Japan literature. Yaaah, since that time I honor those people who are stand to defending their dreams, including my older brother :). So for you guys who have big dreams and something that you really want to fight for, don't let other people to break your dream. You have to fight for it, if it's worth and you do the best for it, I'm sure that you'll make your dream come true. Doing something that you really love is more interesting than anything, right?
For the last sentence, please enjoy the music :)

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Lyric Song Lentere Jiwa by Nugie

lama sudah kumencari apa yang hendak kulakukan

sgala titik kujelajahi tiada satupun kumengerti

tersesatkah aku disamudra hidupku

kata-kata yang kubaca terkadang tak mudah kucerna

bunga-bunga dan rerumputan bilakah kau tahu jawabnya
inikah jalanku inikah takdirku

kubiarkan kumengikuti suara dalam hati
yang slalu membunyikan cinta
kupercaya dan kuyakini murninya nurani menjadi penunjuk jalanku
lentera jiwaku

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