Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!! (it's not too late for the greeting, isnt it? :P )

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Hap..Happ..Happy New Year 2013!!!yeeeeeaaaaaayhh \(^.^)/. Hounto ni sumimasen,,big sorry for making a late post about it, then because we're still in the beginning of the new year,so I decided to still make this post. 
Oke, little story about it, for this new year eve, I spent it together with my friends, made a little party (such as barbeque), played some games (like UNO, and othello-reversi), blow the trumpet and any others. Thanks to my beloved friend @FranksieNumb8 (who usually called as Rahma) for provide everything at that night, and congratulation for your dad's promotion, hope you guys being a lovely happy family forever :)

Unfortunately, there was heavy rain at that time, so there are many friends that can't join with us :(  So, thanks for @linatrianitaa @Meutiarahma @dwky_hary @HariLumos @isacronaldo @yogamawan @viqida who have come and joint to the party :)

For you guys my blog friends, wherever you are and whatever you do now, Happy New Year 2013. Hope we'll make our resolution for this year come true, and let's through this year with full of faith and spirit (^.^)9 Ganbarimasho!!!

ps: I still can't put the picture of my new year eve here, but I promise I'll put it soon :)

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