Sunday, January 6, 2013

J-pop VS K-pop

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Have you ever found the fans war such as below when K-pop fans was bashing the J-pop fandom?

▀ Anonymous whispered, ”you guys never stop do you?

god, end of story.”
▀ Anonymous whispered, ”haha butthurt jpop fans
no srsly tho kpop is better
wayyyyy better
they all look like gods
and at least they’re young
old japan is old”
▀ Anonymous whispered, ”i can name bands that are already taking over japan like KARA, SNSD, B2ST, BIG BANG, SHINee, 2pm. SO BITCHES BEAT THAT…
even the japanese people are already liking kpop.. cause kpop is like-able

and you so called “arashi” band is OLD. even one of the guys there look 50 years old. and one of them look like a fucking rat.
so fuck all your jpop bands.. kpop beats all….

So, what's your opinion then? Well, I still remember when I came to the Korean days  (how Korean festival called here) to accompany my friend some moment ago, when people from Japanese literature came to support their friends who were joint in that event as a guest to enliven the event, just after their friends' performance, they just directly go home before the event was closed.  I mean here, for me they looked like compete each other. Then similar with that, when I came to J-fest (Japan Festival) I saw there's no K-popers who are coming to that event, even me tried to ask out my friend who is K-popers to accompany me to joint that event and she doesn't want to. It looked like that their war isn't only in the internet, but also in the real life. Oh c'mon, can't you be more mature guys? Well then for me, actually I like both of them, but when I have to choose between them, J-pop or K-pop which one is I like the most, absolutely, I'll stand for J-pop, no hesitation..Hahaha. Even nowdays the Korean waves are really huge, but it will never change my decision.

I never say that I don't like K-pop since I like SUJU, 2PM, SNSD, and also Korean actor-Lee min Ho, but it doesn't mean that they gonna change my love and interest to Japan artists. How to say it, I love Japan since I was in kindergarten, since the first time I knew Kotaro Minami-Ksatria Baja Hitam, and I've been into J-culture for so long, and I appreciate their music ever since, yes I really do. My intention to learn Japanese Language is still the same as I was kid. Even maybe they looked isolated themselves (in the music Industry and some others) for some reasons, but their fans are slowly growing not only in Asia, but also in the other part of the world.

For me, K-pop looks better, but J-pop sounds better, do you get what I mean? :) We know that the females in K-pop looked really nice, they are like Goddess, they have perfect body and even perfect face. Then if we looks for the males in K-pop with the Japanese counterparts, we can see that the males in K-pop have more muscular body, and still the perfect face like the God :) Well then, maybe that's one of reasons that make K-popers love them so much, even bashed for J-pop fans :)
As a J-pop fans, I like my idol as
the way they are, I mean yes, maybe their cuteness and appearances influence us, but I respect more their talent, personality, hard work, friendship, and their love to their own fans. Watching someone that I really adore do his/her best effort to give me (us) the best performance in the stage is an amazing thing for kinda fans like me. When the K-popers says that J-pop is an old brand, oh c'mon none will be young forever, even member of SUJU and any other Korea artists will also grow up and being old. Arashi, SMAP, Laruku, and any other idols or J-bands have been stayed together for more than 13 years (Arashi debut was on 1999, SMAP and Laruku on 1991), they even still have their own tv show and still do some concerts every year. See, they are still famous and give contribution to their industry, since in my country there was really rare to find a group or band which still survive for more than 13 years. They usually disband their group when they are not famous anymore. The thing that really amazing from it is they still have good performance as their first performance in their younger age. Even today, Matsujun (one of Arashi member, looks younger than his real own age), then how about Hyde, did you see any differences in his age nowdays? I want to say here that age can't be reason for fans to didn't like his/her favorite idol anymore (if you are the real fans) :)

Ok then, I'll not make this post to bash the K-popers through saying bad things about their artists. My suggestion here is, if you don't like the music, so don't listen. Please respect other people. Even me, trying to respect my K-popers friend by accompany her to went to Korean days, eventhough I've to accept that she doesn't want to accompany me to join in the J-fest. It doesn't matter, since I can find any other friends who have similar interest about Japan and my idols through it. 

Then for you J-popers, I know that you might be angry with those comments that say bad things about your idols, but I suggest you to keep calm and be mature, don't waste your time by giving them any other comments that will lower your level. Just let them. We'll see how long they will survive in the future. What we should do now is just prove them that we are still united and stand for our believe. J-pop has been known and famous more than 20 years, I believe that it will stayed for any longer time :) Keep support your favorites idols, bands, and any other Japan artists (^.^)9


  1. I so agree with you ><

    thanks to this post :)

  2. so true. but there's nothing wrong if you support both K-pop and J-pop. I mean, they both create music that makes everyone happy. that's what every artists reasons. so ... no worries :)

  3. thanks for your comments here. My greeting for you both :)

  4. I think kpop is way better, just saying
    please no rude comments