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Proposal Daisuken (プロポーズ大作戦)

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If you are fans of Yamapi or J-drama, i bet that you've been watched that drama :) Yups, that dorama is one of  my favorite romance drama :*
Actually I knew this dorama from my older brother, he also really like to watch dorama. At that time, he was asked me to find this dorama in warnet, that was around 3 years ago :) That was the first time I knew Yamapi :)

Proposal Daisuken is a romantic dorama which is consist of 11 episodes that was broadcasted on April 16, 2007. Its rating is 17.3% (Kanto) and 17.2% (Kansai). This drama was starring by Yamapi, Nagasawa Masami, Fujiki Naohito, Eikura Nana, Hiraoka Yuta, Hamada Gaku, and Mikami Hiroshi as the main roles. So this drama talked about Iwase Ken (Yamapi) and Yoshida Rei (Nagasawa Masami) who have been friends since elementary school. They always together until in the Senior High School, even when they were in the college they still meet up and gather with the Eri (Eikura Nana), Mikio (Hiraoka Yuta),and Hisashi (Hamada Gaku) who have been their best friends. 

The story goes
when actually Ken has been loved Rei since the first time they met. The thing that never realized by Ken is actually Rei is also has been loved him since the first time they met. Since that time Rei always trying to keep them being together. When Ken joined in the baseball club in senior high school, Rei was also join as the manager with Eri. Rei is always there when Ken is in trouble and in bad condition. As a girl, actually Rei has shown her true feeling to Ken (even not in direct way), but unfortunately Ken is kinda insensitivity man. He was not brave enough to confess his true feeling to Rei even they have been together for long,,long time. In the uncertainty condition without knowing Ken's true feeling, there is Tada Tetsuya (Fujiki Naohito) who's coming in their life. He's kinda a goodman with good responsibility, very kind, and mature. So when Ken is still busy with his uncertainty to confess his true feeling, Tetsuya has been confess his true feeling to Rei. Rei that thinking has been waited for long time and gave many chances for Ken but never get certainty about their relationship, finally decided to move on and accept Tetsuya as her boyfriend and decided to get married. Ken that felt broken heart still trying to coming on the wedding ceremony. He was regret for not telling Rei for his true feeling, then he was promised to his self if he could turn back the time, he want to fix anything and make sure Rei knows his true feeling so she'll never marry any other man unless himself. Then suddenly there was appeared a fairy, the church fairy exactly. He gave Ken chances to turn back the time through the pictures which is exist in the ceremony process.
What will be happened in the end? Will Ken confess his true feeling to Rei? Will Rei change her decision to marry Tetsuya? Will Ken and Rei be together in the end?

This drama kinda drama that will make you curious to see what's the next episode, I can't stop it until it was in  very ending. Besides the story, I also love the original song which is sung by Mongol 800. Really love it, until I always play it before I'm going to sleep and before I'm going to uni. I think I've been post that song before. If you want to find it, please find the post in the label with title Mongol 800-chiisana koi no uta :)

As usual, I provide the pictures of the artists

Yamapi as Iwase Ken

Nagasawa Masami as Yoshida Rei

Fujiki Naohito as Tada Tetsuya

Eikura Nana as Oku Eri

Hiraoka Yuta as Enokido Mikio

Hamada Gaku as Tsurumi Hisashi

Mikami Hiroshi as the Fairy

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