Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reunion with Science 2 Mates

Good Night!!! So this time, I just arrived from visiting my high school mate-Rani's home since she bore a daughter on 8th January 2013 and given name her baby Fio. Below is the picture of Fio :)

Rani's baby, Fio. She is so cute as her mom :)

Then, related with that very happy news, my other classmates decided to visit her since we never catch up again for while. Dita and Nisa are the coordinator who made the visiting plan. We were gathered in MANSA first then went directly to Rani's home.

Actually that plan almost canceled because of heavy rain by wind throughout afternoon, but Alhamdulillah the rain was let up around 5 p.m , then I went to MANSA in rush, still with worry feeling if the rain gonna be heavier again. After make sure that the other friends have been come, we directly went to Rani's home in Bantul. The problem was appeared when Nisa got info that Rani isn't in her Mom's home, but she is in her husband's home, then the bad news is Nisa doesn't know where's her husband's home. So we stopped for while to make sure the address, when Nisa has got the sure info, we went there, then yattaaa...finally we can meet with Rani and her little cute baby.When I see the baby by my own eyes, actually the real size of the baby is smaller than in her picture. The baby was sleeping when we come to her house. She was looked really comfort slept in her mom arm, how beuatiful to see that scenery. The thought of "Oh well, I am gonna in Rani's position someday, soon." just suddenly come up.halah..haha

In that occasion we were like had an reunion since we never meet around 3 years and just had some little chat in FB about our recent life, but this day we meet again, see my mates appearances, but mostly they are not changed at all.Hahaha. Still in my memory, those happy crazy memories which never can be erased forever. Class of Science 2 which is consist of
"crazy" people that make my class more live. Start from the leader of the class, Mamed who usually coordinate everything, Ishal and his gang ABS-Rifky, Yahya, Heru, Adit, and Ichin (actually Ichin is member of Language Class, but he always join in our activities), Ogip- the donjuan of our class, Sukron- the smartest guy in our school who really like to join in many competitions, Om Maul Alan that usually goes everywhere with Obby, Benny who really want to have muscle body like L-Men Models and really like to share his jambu kluthuk, Pakde Ilham who really like to hiking in his spare time and Dian-the silence guy, then for the girls there are Meutia, Galuh, Wima, Ida, Vida, Luluk, Syarifah, Dita, Indah, Rani, Feyrra, Ihda, Riris, Nisa, Reega, Yeni, Luluk, Khottul, Fitri, Tami, Fauzia (who I usually call as Bude Phaw), Zizah, Siti, and Mbak Dian (to  make difference between Dian-the guy and the girl-). This post absolutely gonna be very long post if I've to describe them one by one, that's why I'm gonna just put the pictures below :)

Took picture together in the mosque's stair- We are Science 2 yeeeeaaayyyh

Beside the bus when we were had vacation. We were wearing our class's shirt

Unfortunately, not all of my clasmates can joint the event tonight :'( How I really miss you all guys. Hope you guys always in good condition. Let's we gather again someday so we could recall of those memories that we've ever had together and share about our recent life. Then I hope, at that time, we all already achieved every dreams that we hoped in our younger times. Amiiien

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