Thursday, March 21, 2013

Very Short Trip to Bangkok-KL

Just realized that i've been forgot this blog for a while. I've many things to deal with lately, but tonight I want to share about my trip when I visited Thailand and Malaysia for 4 days. I went there to accompany my mom and her friends from Dharma Wanita organization. I can't really say that I had holiday at that time, but yes, I  had great time there :) bunch thanks for my mom who paid me the cost to join there *hug my mom*

I'm off to Bangkok on Friday (15th March 2013) night just after transit in Malaysia for around 5 hours. I was stayed there for 2 days. Then my first impression about Bangkok is, It has no significant difference with Jakarta, starting from the time, environment, weather, and also the highway condition. Even though Bangkok  really similar with Jakarta, but I think there is still one thing that make it different. I found out there that Bangkok still keep their cultures and have many temples that usually used to worship. You can easily found there many people worship in the temple every morning, completed with the incenses which is provided in front of every temples. That thing which interest me so much. 

During my time in Thailand I visited
Wat Arun (traditional market), Wat Pho (temple where there is Budha statue which is slept and made from the Gold), Thailand King's Palace, then the last one is watched Kabaret Show (Mambo Club) whereas the performers are Transgenders. That was really amazing, I even took picture with one of them. They are really beautiful, really look like the real woman :) Even I really enjoy visited those places, but still my favorite is when we visited Madame Tussauds. I met up with many (wax statues) famous figures such as Mr. Soekarno, Bung Hatta, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, David Beckham, Steven Gerrad, CR7, and any other figures that I dont really understand who they are *please forgive me God* :P

In the last day of my shor trip, I visited Malaysia and stay there for a day. Honestly, my trip in Thailand was really more interesting than my trip in Malaysia. During in Malaysia, I was only visited the twin tower Petronas and Central Market which is famous with the name of Pasar Seni. We would have visited Genting Highland and Cable Train, but unfortunately the chief lady has been changed the schedule. That is why we were just visit Central Market in the end >.< *sigh* Whatever it is, I should still be grateful since I can visit Thailand and Malaysia, even just for very short time. I hope in the future I can visit Thailand and Malaysia again, not only with my mom but also with my beloved father and older brother :)
Below I put the pictures during my trip :)

In Malaysia airport (KLCC Airport) for transit

Just arrived in Bangkok (Don Muang Airport)

On the way visiting Wat Arun

Wat Arun

One of Temples in Wat Arun

My mom and Me took picture together at Wat Pho

Small temple that you can find easily in the city

Highway situation in Thailand

Took picture behind the slept Budha in Wat Pho

Together with one of Kabaret Show performers

My mom with another Kabaret Show performers

Hey, I'm on tv :P

Me with my Idol Steven Gerrard and CR7

I met Oprah

Iam with Mr.Genius, Einstein

I was in opposite of Twin Tower-Petronas


  1. Hope you come back Thailand again.
    Sawasdee krup.

  2. Sawasdee krup (actually,I dont really know how to write down that word) :P
    Do you live in Thailand?
    yeah, I think I should come again to Thailand, then I'll make sure that I'll visit every single places there :)