Thursday, March 28, 2013

Congratz Pandu Bieber and Kiki \(^.^)/

Congratulation Pandu Bieber aka Pandu Seta and Dea Rizki aka Kiki who officially passed the thesis exam,, there will be S.E tittle behind your name soon \(^.^)/

Actually giving you both this greeting leave a pain in my heart since that's mean you guys gonna leave me to graduate soon,, :'( but it's ok, that's life. We met and apart. I hope in the future, we will gather again and recall all of our memories in the university, and at that time we have achieved all of our dreams :))

Oy, maybe you wondering why I called him as Pandu Bieber? I bet you could guess it, right? Yups, He used to one of Bieber's fans (I've no idea about today-hha), he even imitated Bieber's hair style. Everytime we going out for karaoke, he usually sing Bieber's songs. These reasons that make us call him Pandu Bieber. Hahahaa

Hmmm,,Pandu is the smartest guy in my major Accounting 2009 (he is the lecturers's beloved student). He also the first guy that will graduate from my major. I'm still remember the first time I met him in BP class, he's kinda active and perfect student. He always sits in the first row during the class, beside that he NEVER skip the class without any informations, then getting mark A- in one of our subjects are a BIG PROBLEM for him-like that's the end of the world :p . But I don't know what happened with him after he came back from South Korea. I think, he's not him self used to be,hhaha. The new pandu is not always sits in the first row again, then he sometimes skip the class without any informations, but the most surprising is getting B in one of our subjects (at that time is metopel class) isnt being big problem at all. haha *peace*. I think that changes are very good, that make him looks more relaxed and looked like common students (but that doesnt change the fact that he's still the smartest guy in my major) hahaha. Even there are some changes toward him self, but Pandu is still Pandu that adorable. He's still Pandu with PERFECT English-British accent. He's still Pandu that will help his friends while they are getting problems, and the most important is he's still Pandu, our karokean friend that always join us to hang out :)

Then for Kiki. Kiki is
another of my friends that really care with the academic issues. She is kinda yammer, active and dicipline student. She is the one that will upload the material from the class at that time, she also the most updated student related with the university issues. Ah yess, one thing that I really remember about her is she really adore Korean artists, long time before the Korean wave came to Indonesia. She is the one that will share about the newest K-drama or the newest video of boyband and girlband Korea. She also the one that introduced me with SUJU. Haha

So tonight, I dedicate this post to you both. Once again, I want to say congratulation for you guys who officially passed the thesis exam with cumlaude predicate. This is not the end, but the beginning of your journey. Keep spirit!!

*Below is the pictures that taken after their thesis exam

From the left to right: @Linatrianitaa,@FranksieNumb8,@DiianaSweden,@deaRIZKI,
me, @Meutiarahma,@dwiky_hary,@seta_pandu, and @HariLumos


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