Thursday, October 25, 2012

Organizational Behavior's Assignment - Motivation Theory

Even this is long weekend (because of Idul Adha), it doesn't mean that I'm free from assignment. I've 3 homeworks that have been waited me to finished :') that's our duty as a student I think. So today, I wanna share to you my OB (Organizational Behavior) assignment that i just finished and sent to my lecturer's email :))
The assignment is I've to share about my story and motivation why do I enroll in the International Program UII, after that my lecturer would give me an motivation theory then I should make the correlation between my story and the theory itself. So this is it, the final result of my OB's assignment.

Why do I Enroll in International Program 

          I heard information about International Program (IP) of UII for the first time from my father. At that time, he asked me to enroll in Economic Faculty (Accounting Department) because according to him being accountant is kind a prospective profession in Indonesia. Actually, at that time I refused his offer because I want to enroll in Japanese or English Literature.
I never imagine enrolling myself in Economic Faculty, even most of my family members were graduated from Economic Faculty but I never had a dream to following their path, especially enroll in Accounting Department. Then my father convinced me by told me that having skill in language such as English or Japanese language does not mean that we must enroll it for undergraduate program, I can just take a course. He also promised to me to let me join in Japanese or any others course if I agree with him to enroll in Economic Faculty. After that, I was trying to apply the scholarship system to enroll in Economic Faculty of UII and accepted in Management Department. Since my father wants me to join in Accounting Department, then he asked me to take CBT (Computer Based Test) in Rektorat Building and choose Accounting Department as my major. When the result was coming and stated that I am accepted in Accounting Department, my Father was really happy and proud with me. I never imagine that he would be happy like that, since I just enrolled in Private University (because in my opinion, accepted in State University is cooler than Private University), but yeah, whatever it takes, I was also happy at that time because I can made my father happy. Even I have accepted as Accounting Department student, but at that time my status still in regular student, I am not IP student yet, so I got the information related with the requirements to join in IP from my uncle that being lecturer in IP. One of the requirements is I must have at least 450 for the TOEFL score in the first semester, then for the second semester my TOEFL score should be in 500. Even I really interest with English and Japanese language, but at that time that was my first experience to join in TOEFL test. Fortunately, I passed at that first test. Then start from that, I was officially registered as student of IPFE UII, and then I also try to know more about IP UII especially for Economic Faculty.
            Related my decision to enroll in IP, actually I have big dreams toward this faculty. Since the learning process in class is using English language, I hope that my English skill will improve quickly because I have dream to around the world. We know that English is an international language, and then if I want to make my dream come true at least I have to be expert in that language.
            Another reason that motivate me agree to enroll in IP is information and news that I got related the alumnae of IP UII. They all have good job after they graduate from IP UII. I think getting job that can make our life better is dream of everyone, then so do I.

            Then the next is I would try to make correlation between the VIE Theory and my story above. VIE Theory is the Expectancy Theory of Victor Vroom (1964) deals with motivation and management and how manager may secure a motivated workforce. The essence of this theory is that actions and behaviors of individuals are taken based on an objective to maximize pleasure and minimize the pain. Individuals are therefore more likely to be motivated to do certain acts, if they expect that rewards can be obtained, and these rewards can be obtained without too much trouble and pain.
            The VIE Theory is about Valence, Instrumentality and Expectancy. Valence is the strength of an individual’s preference for obtaining some particular outcome. Valence will be positive when the individual prefers to attain some outcome to not attaining it. Great valance will therefore strengthen. If an extrinsic factor such as recognition is seen as a valuable outcome by an employee, the manager may use this information to motivate his/her employee.
Instrumentality refers to the individual’s believe in that the accomplishment of a given task, will result in the attainment of some valued reward. If instrumentality is high, then an employee believes that certain actions will result in the attainment of the reward valued by him/her. Instrumentality refers to the importance of employees see a clear path to reward and goal attainment and they trust that the manager will reward their actions as promised. If recognition is seen as valuable by an employee, then the manager must thus assure that the employee believes that he/she will get the reward if the task is accomplished satisfactorily.
Expectancy related to the confidence that individuals may have in themselves in accomplishing a certain task or assignment satisfactorily. If the individual does not regard himself as competent enough to do a certain job, then the individual will not see it as feasible to get the desired rewards, and hence demotivate the employee.
Then related with my story above, we can assume that my father as the manager and me as his employee. My father as the manager found out about my interest related with language, especially English and Japanese language. He told me that he will let me to take Japanese language course whenever I want if I agree to enroll in Economic Faculty Accounting Department. Besides that, my father also seen another valuable value if I enrolled myself in IPFE UII, such as I can improve my English skill since the learning process in class is always using English as the main language. My father as the manager was succeeded creates instrumentality to convince me about the accomplishment that I will get if I agree with his offer. He told me many good things that might I achieve if I enroll in IPFE UII such as good job for the better future, then have good environment and many good friends, have good soft skill while join in IP’s programs and organizations, and many other things. Then to achieve my expectancy my father ensures me that I can accepted in IPFE UII. Even one of the requirements is I must have Toefl score 450 for the first semester he trust me that I have capabilities to accomplish it, then it make me believe that I can survive in IPFE UII to achieve my dream to go around the world.

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