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Happy Wedding My Lovely Cousin \(^.^)/

Hmmmm,,,look around what I'm gonna do now, wanna forget my Chapter 2-skrip"sweet" :)  and decided to spent the rest of this night to blogging..huakakakaka *close my Chapter 2-skrip"sweet" directly*. So, tonight I wanna share about my story when I was coming into my cousin's wedding, around 2 weeks ago. I was joint there as keeper for guest book with one of my cousin- @fauziadarojati who usually called Usi. Oy, before I start the story, I want to greeting my cousin first *big smiling* , Happy Wedding Mbak Rizka \(^.^)/ congratulation for your wedding ceremony, hope you'll have sakinah mawadah warahmah family, can't wait for you having a baby#eh #lho ..hahaha 

Ok, back to our business, the wedding was held on 21th of April 2013 in Jakarta-since she is living there. The problem was came up because me and some other families living in different city (Yogyakarta). Since Jakarta-Yogyakarta isn't close enough, there are some choices of transportations that we would use. The choices are between  by train or plane.  Since the families who lived in Yogyakarta quite alot, then that was sounds impossible to go to by plane, then we divided into 2 groups, the 1st group is a group which came there 2 days before the date by train, and the 2nd group is a group which came there a day before it, and I was in the 2nd group with my dad, mom, and older brother :)

Make it short,
we finally gathered in Pakde's house a night before the ceremony and met with Mbak Rizka. Huaaaaaaa,,,I really miss her soooooo much, since the last time we met were one year ago :') Oy, FYI in Java tradition, there are some series ceremony related with the wedding (still the most important is Ijab Qobul process), then a ceremony in a night before the wedding itself is usually called as Midodareni Night (Malam Midodareni). During the night the bride was forbidden to sleep and met the groom instead asked to pray more :) Here's her picture

My cousin-Mbak Rizka :)

Mbak Rizka's Father-I usually called him as Pakdhe :)

The pictures above was taken in Midodareni night, at that time we can't stay up there too long, since we have to wake up very early (before shubuh) and prepare for the wedding ceremony at 7 a.m. Actually, at that time I should got ready at 9 a.m but I was also forced to come early because they were worried about the queue for the dress up and not sure that I would get ready in time. Then yeah, all families have been ready before shubuh and directly come to the place where the ceremony takes place. Well,,since the distance between our hotel and the place is far enough, my pakdhe asked the drivers to pick us there. After we got there, we still have to wait the "paes" or "perias" that will dress us up, and FYI there are many people that waiting there to get their turn (the other is from the groom family). Below is the picture while I'm waiting for my turn, I walk around and catched it :)

My cousins while waiting
From left to right: Fida, Ema, and Edo

Ijab Qobul ceremony was at 7 a.m , but before that there is other ceremony like the accepting process of the groom to the bride's family, as you can see the pictures below 

Waiting for the groom's families

our entourage at a second before the ceremony was started

The man in white clothes was the groom, behind him was his family

The groom was invited to come in and accompanied by our members family

Ijab Qobul process :')

As you can see above, the process of Ijab Qobul was running well. Really grateful to Allah SWT O:) 
Ijab Qobul is a wedding series in our religion Islam. So Ijab (Offer) and Qobul (acceptance) are coming from Arab language. Those are the main and actual pillar of marriage in Islam. Ijab and Qobul (that usually abbreviated as Ijab Qobul) must be stated in clear, well defined words, in one and the same sitting, and in the presence of witnesses. *ps: if you still wondering about it, you can googling it for further infomation :) *
Actually, after Ijab Qobul, there is another ceremony that usually called as Sungkeman, but unfortunately I was staying on my place to keep the guest book and can't take the picture of it :'(
After that, the groom and bride would change their clothes and prepared for the celebration. It was started at 9 a.m and opened by the dance of Javanese Dancing *sorry, I haven't the picture for the Javenese dancer :'( *

The groom and the bride in Javanese traditional clothes
ready for the celebration ceremony

After that, they would sit in their chair and had greeting from many people that coming there :') Such a wonderful ceremony, I think :) Since I was child, I really like to come into the wedding ceremony especially at the Ijab Qobul process, maybe it because I've been heard information form my teacher that at Ijab Qobul process there will be many angels that come down into the place where the wedding ceremony is held. Those angels are pray for them and the people who are coming. You do know right what will happen if the angels coming and join for pray us? yup, our prays will be come true. Maybe that one of the reasons why I really like to come into wedding ceremony :')

While I still in charge of my duty as the keeper of the guest book, I look around and took some pictures with my lovely cousins

With some of my cousins
From left to right: Aji, Mas Ucup, @FaishalPrinceB, Mizut, @Fauzidarojati, and Me

Similar picture. The difference is @FaishalPrinceB got exchanged with my older brother

Me with @fauziadarojati while in charge of duty in keeping the guest book :)

The girls
From left to right: Ema, @fauziadarojati, me, Fida, and Riris
I'm the shortest one :'(

The boys while eating before the ceremony was started :)

But from all of those picture above, my favorite picture is below :)
Mirza and Emma. Really looked like a real couple

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