Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy B'day and Congratulation Lumos

Huwaaaaa,,this month is very precious for my friend- Lumos, surely! He was celebrated his 22nd age on 24th May and finally, offically passed the compre exam 2 days ago on 27th May..YEAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY \m/ Congratulation for the happiness that you got during this month then \(^.^)/

Actually we (me and my friends) have been planned to give him surprise by giving his favorite donuts (Jco) just after he finished his test, but unfortunately there is an incident that force us to postone the surprise, like the donuts were left in the IP room management that has been locked. Haha. I think that was really funny and never  been easy to forget :) Because of that incident, we decided to give the surprise in the next morning. The planning  was so simple, we would only suddenly came to his house while brought a box of Jco donuts that has been completed with some candles and greeting memo from us. We dont even really care about the possibility that he (maybe) would go somewhere at that day, we directly gone to his house. Alhamdulillah, fortunately he was staying at home, furthermore we come into his house while singing Happy B'day song :) yeeeeeeaaaaahh

Below, i put the pictures for those moments :)

The Examinees with others :)

The examinees @HariLumos @adeladelia and mas Gery

Happ..Happy B'day Hari aka Lumos \(^.^)/

With us: @Meutiarahma , me, Tyas, @riizka, @FranksieNumb8
 @HariLumos and @linatrianitaa :)

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