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3 A.M (Thailand Horor Movie)

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Good night,another late post tonight :) Hmm,,since I really love watch horror movie recently, tonight I want to share a Thailand horror-movie that recommended by my friend. Since long time ago we knew that Asia countries, especially Thailand, Japan, or Korea always success in making horror movies by show us their scary ghosts. You can prove it by watch some movies from those countries, such as shutter, ju-on, the grudge, and any other horor movies that I forgot the tittle :) If I've to choose between western horror movies and Asia horror movies, still, for me, with no more doubt and hesitation, I'll stand for Asia horror movies, because it much..much..much..more scary than Western horror movie :)

Concern to our topic now, 3 A.M is a Thai horror short film. It consist of 3 horror stories, they are Horror Head, Bridal House of the Dead and O.T (Overtime). This movie was released on 22nd November, 2012, and directed by Pussanont Tummajira, Kirati Naklntanont, and Isara Nadee. 

I think there is a question that comes up in your mind, why it is called 3 A.M? Acoording to this movie, those spooky experiences are happened when the time was at 3 A.M. I also have been heard that according to the myth, the ghosts are in their most powerfull condition at 3 a.m , that is why they usually appear at that time. Nah, that myth that was tried to share  by the director  in this movie. 

Now let me share a little bit of those 3 horror stories in this movie. The first one is Horor Head. It is told about 2 sisters that were left by their parent on Vacation in China and have to run their family business, a wig shop. Then someday, a customer comes and offers to sell human hair with great quality, without having knowledge that the hair was illegally cut from a female corpse who committed suicide. Jeng jeng jeng..what will happen next? I think you can guess it, right? :)

Jump to the second story, it was about the junior morticiant Tod who assigned to be stationed in the bridal home of Mike and Cherry,
an engaged couple who died a week before the wedding. While performing rituals for them, Tod was enchanted with Cherry's beauty. He also found a video that record Mike and Cherry's happy moment, which finally, in the end it shows when Cherry was tied by Mike. He even dream it and saw Cherry was crying for help. Furthermore, Tod uncovering some suggestion that Mike was jealous and abusive toward Cherry. Furthermore, Tod was separated the couple chests and gets intimate with Cherry's corpse. (Eeew, can you imagine that? Oh maiii >.< ) . So, what will happen with Mike corpse? How about Tod, will he die? What actually happened between Mike and Cherry? Those questions will reveal in the end of this story, dont worry :)

The last story was O.T (overtime). The story was about 2 executives in a big company that really like play ghostly pranks on their employees. Those pranks are did by them to avoid the employees using overtime as an excuse to get more money, while in the morning they were only play games or facebooking (not trying to finish their work in a daylight). The problem is come out when the employees that became their victim prank felt really scare and died.  For me, this story was not really scare. Instead of make me scare, it makes me laugh much. Those laugh that erase the spooky feel when you watch horror movie, right?. Hahaha

Even this movie cant scare me, but this movie was really entairtain me. For you who likes to see horror movie but have no enough brave to watch it, I suggest you to try watch this movie, since as I said before that it make me laugh instead of scare :) If you still not sure to watch it alone, you can ask your friend to accompany :) For you who have watched this movie, you can share your comment about this movie or maybe suggest any other horror movies that you like to me. Last sentence, I hope this post useful for you then :)

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