Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Corner for Books :)

Yiiihaaaaaaaaa,,starting this month, I'm gonna add the new corner that I'll call as Book Corner. This corner will cointain of books review that I've been read and being my favorite, so then it can help you to find the good book to spent in your leisure time :)

I love books soooo much. I've been collected many books since I was kid. I think that habbit was derived by my father since he also really likes to read books. He even has his own library that contains with many kind of books. Even we have similar hobby (really like to read books) but I'm a bit different with my father because I prefer to read manga and novel than any other books genre. Yet my father said it doesnt matter, as long as I still keep reading the books. That's why I want to share my favorite books to you. Hope you will like it and also it can give you direction to choose the right books :) Wait for the post then :)

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