Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Graduation Guys :)

Another late post again tonight...Hmm,,this time I'm gonna share to you the moment of my friends' graduation-please dont ask me why I haven't garduate yet. Well, the graduation ceremony was divided into some period, for this year, the first periode was on March, and the second was on 1st of June. Oya, those are that graduated from Accounting department on March was Peppy and Lina, while on June there was Pandu, Sheylla, and Kiky. They all were graduated cumlaude \(^.^)/ Yeaaay,,congratulation!!

*sigh* Never thought that time flies really fast. Still remember the first time I met them in BP (Bridging Class), started being friend and getting closer everyday, spend this 4 years with many laugh, stories, and any other things. Hmm,,see them now, leave me here and graduate first from the uni..hoho. Don't worry, that was really oke. I hope you guys will achieve your dream after graduate from our beloved uni. Just like what Adele said, "I wish nothing but the best for you too" haha. Please keep in touch guys, I'm gonna really miss you all :)

Almost forget to mention that actually at that time we were also made surprise for Tyas' b'day :) Ok then, let's see the pictures below :)

March Period

Kiki, Sheylla, Lina, Tyas, Lumos, Meutia, me, and Rizka

With Jihat (Management Department)

Astri, Sheylla, Meutia, Rahma, Peppy, Tyas, Rizka, me, and Lumos

June Period

Lina, Rahma, Sheylla, Astri, Peppy, Kiky, Buzat, me, and Lumos
Dwiky and Yoga

Yoga, Pandu
Lumos, Lina, Rahma, me, Sheylla, Kiky
Meutia, Buzat, Dwiky

Another Cheeeeessssssse :)

The girls with special gift to Sheylla \(^.^)/

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