Thursday, February 7, 2013

Congrats Lina \(^.^)/

Konbawa,,.!!!yeaaaay...I'm coming back..I had final exam since a week ago,,I've to focus to study-even I've no any hopes for my grade this semester-lol. So this time, I want to share congratulation greeting for my friend, Lina Trianita Darmastuti who has officially passed the thesis exam.Yeaaaaayyy,,congrats for you girl, you do did a great job,well done! :)
She is the first one in my department (accounting) that passed the exam, and being the third one in my faculty. She did the thesis just for one semester. She is kinda cute smart girl who has many fans (ups sorry).hahaha
So, in this occasion, i want to share my happiness and saying again,,congratulation for you who has been passed the thesis exam. You will get S.E tittle soon, wish that i can follow you soon too (‾ʃƪ‾)     

We took picture together to celebrate it :)

Lina and her boyfriend, Mas arip :)

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