Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo Booth's Time

Today I went out to Amplaz with my friends (Meutia and Rhema). Rhema was my junior high school mate, while Meutia is my college mate. Meutia and Rhema were in same field work group, that is why they know each other. Since that time, when we have leisure time, we sometime hang out together.

Today was so fun, even the Amplaz area especially the road near it was very crowded. Me, that usually just need 5 minutes to go to Amplaz, took around 20 minutes >.< and the more crazy is the weather today was so hot *sweep the sweat* . Hmm,,the meeting point today was in Gramedia, then we continue went to photo booth, then played in arcade kid, had lunch, then accidentally met with Marcella Zalianty, the last one is bought nail polish. The very-funny-absurd-moment is when we walked down to escalator then suddenly Marcella also follow us, even when we turn right to one store, at that moment we were trying to be cool like there is nothing happened at all *padahal asliny udah ke GR-an* hahaha. After that, we looked around at a glance just to make sure whether she still behind us or not, but that was not happened, because she just pass around and walked down. Lol.  Yaaaaah, that is why today was very fun. Oy, below is the picture from the photo booth :)

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