Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Biggest Dream

My biggest dream is i want to go around the world and see many cultures from many different countries with my family (especially my future hubby and kids). For me, culture is the core values of the society in one place. Knowing and learning about a culture from one country is very interesting for me.

There are 2 countries that became my favorite since i was child, they are Japan and England.

Credit: Google

You can see from the picture above the scene of japan's beautifulness. That's just few things that make me want to visit that country. One thing that i really appreciate from that country is even today Japan already become a develop / modern country, they still love and respect their cultures. They even proud to have those cultures. They also never forget to celebrate it and heritage the core value of the cultures to their child and grandchild. I wanna that happen also to my beloved country, I want my government can learn that value from Japan, because nowdays Indonesia people didn't have any respect and love to our own cultures. Then i guess, that is one of reason why Malaysia really like to stole Indonesia's cultures.

The second country that i'd love to visit is England. England is a country where Prince Harry is coming from. We know that England is lead by the King which live in the Buckingham Palace.

Credit: Google

Just like as before, you can see there the picture of Buckingham Palace which is guarded by many guards. Related with the Royal Family, iam really interested with the Royal cultures. It remains me with Keraton Palace in my own city, Yogyakarta.  I want to visit the palace and take a picture with the guards there. I want to know more about the royal cultures there :D

In my every pray, i always wish that someday i can make my dream come true. I want to visit those two countries first, then starting to around the world. I dont know when that time will come, but iam very sure that God is always listen to my pray, then all i have to do is just believe and do my best to achieve it :)

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