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Manga (漫画)

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Is there any of you that didn't like read manga a.k.a comic? WOAAAAAAAA,,,actually I'm big fan of it. I started read manga since i was in 1st grade elementary school. The picture above is the first comic that I read, Meitantei Conan that known as Detective Conan is the tittle of that comic. For you guys who are really like to read manga, tonight I want to share about manga :)

(read: ma-nga, atau ma-ng-ga) has meaning comic in Japanese language, but it usually used to calls Japanese Comic by any other countries. The Manga Magazine is usually consist of some comics which is consist of 30-40 page for each. Those magazines usually have thick ranged from 200-850 pages. After some periods, the manga stories in the magazine will be collected and printed in book form in regular sized which called as tankoobon or sometimes known as a term of volume. Comics in this form is usually printed on high quality paper and read by those who do not buy manga magazine which published weekly that has diverse mix of manga stories. For some manga's tittle which is successful even been (or will be) made for the human version that usually called as LiveAction-or sometimes it's abbreviated as LA in Japan), they are such as Death Note, Detective Conan, Gokusen, and others.
Futhermore, the most tittles will also be remake internationally, such as USA which made the film version of the Live Action Dragon Ball Hollywood (20th Century Fox). Below are the genres that exist in manga. In addition, this genre also applied for anime or even video games.
  • Action- Akushon                : tells the story of the battle, fighting, and violence.
  • Fantsy- Fantaji                   : tells about an object that having a power beyond the logic, or a world that doesn't look or else.
  • Historical- Hisutorikaru      : tells the history of a person, object, or a place.
  • Martial Art- Budo              : tells the story about the various martial arts.
  • Mystery- Nazo                  : tells the story of a mystery.
  • Romance- Romansu           : tells the story of romance.
  • Sports- Supotsu                 : talk about a variety of sport.
  • Supernatural- Cho Shizen   : talk about people who are in the manga has powers beyond logic.
Beside that, Manga's Genre also can be classified into the type of reader, such as:
  • Manga which is specifically intended for children is called as KODOMO- for children.
  • Manga which is specifically intended for mature woman called as JOSEI or REDIKOMI- for female
  • Manga which is specifically intended for adults called SEINEN- for male.
  • Manga which is specifically intended for men called SHONEN- for teenage boy
Mangaka (read: mang-ga-ka or ma-ng-ga-ka) is a call for someone who makes Manga. Usually, mangaka in Japan using their own style in drawing manga. Most of the manga characters is drawn simply, such as on the face, with the typical big eyes, small mouth and nose, even the background image is drawn almost as realistic as possible.

Another term that still related with manga is Doujinshi. Doujinshi is kinda manga which is made by the fans which has different storyline and ending. Those fans are usually distribute it by hand to hand and sell it in doujinshi store or usually join in Doujinshi event which is usually called as Comiket.

There are 2 big publisher which is known in Indonesia, such as Elex Media Komputindo and M&C Comic which is included as part of Gramedia. Beside that, there's also another publisher such as Seventh Heaven which the comic is easier to find in the big city such as Jakarta or Bandung. Related with the publisher, it was really common for you to find the gaffe in reading manga. That was cause by the differences of drawing process which is applied in Japan, as we know that the original manga is read from the right to the left, and that was really contrast to Indonesian habbit who read manga or any other book from left to the right. For some manga that did not troubled with that condition, then it's not gonna be problem for their reader, but for some manga or comic sush as Detective Conan, Q.E.D, or Detective Kindaichi which is usually provide information or instruction related with the cases will cause misleading to the reader since the information in the story in not accordance with the result of deduction/conslucion and the fact that reflected in the story. That is why we as the reader should be know about this situation and think wisely :)

There also manga which is categorized as pornografi. It usually called as hentai in English even Echhi term is also usually used. This category was divided into 2 such as Softcore and Hardcore.
a.   Softcore:
  •  Lolicon (young woman)
  • Shota-con (young man)
  • Yaoi (gay)
  • yuri (lesbi)
b Hardore:
  • Ero-guro (erotic-grotesque)
  • Futanari (hermafrodit)
  • Kemono (half man)
So which one is your favorites, pals? :)

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