Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Job Girl \(^.^)/

Finally, this is the last series of my friends exam period...Yeaaaayyhh..Congratz to everyone that has passed the exam succesfully :) As I mentioned before in the previous post that Tyas will be the last person that will face the compre exam , so today was the day. Today was Tyas's turn in joining it, then as expected before, she passed the exam..yeaaaayyy. Congratulation for you girl \(^.^)/ One by one you've cleared the steps.

If I looked back then, I still remember around a week ago, still went to your cafe to joint you guys while study for the exam. Aaaah,,I miss your lontar cake#eh hahaha. Actually I missed those some moments when  four of you study together that usually ended up by Rahma's curhat..haha. "Go "banckrupt" your Company soon ma" that thing which I usually say to her :p 

Since you've passed compre exam, now you can more focus on your thesis. Really hope that we can graduate together this year. Keep spirit to finish our thesis soon, and dont ever be lazy to meet Mr.Sigit to have consultation. Ganbarimasho (^.^)9

In front of IP Building

With others :)

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