Wednesday, December 26, 2012


DVD ARAFES in the store

While I was still in Pemalang, I got sms from my forum friend-Delia that there's someone that has been uploaded the Arafes concert. That was surprise me, since the DVD should be released today, December 26,2012. Asked about the source to download it just after arrived at home, but then Delia told me that she has been finished download it, so if I want it, I just can copy it from her. That sounds really good since the link that used to download the file was consist of Mandarin letter that I can't understand.Hahaha
So here I am tonight, locked my self in the room just to watch the ARAFES, and that was really really amazing. How to say it, I think ARAFES is the best concert during their history. They put their best effort on it. We're gonna see only five of them, no other Johnny's junior as the dancer :) Oy, for me, the best part of this concert is when the DJ MJ was performed, I can't help my self to scream,, The DVD is consist of 2 discs and has duration for 3.5 hours, kinda long time for a concert, right? :)
Since the price of the original DVD is Rp 825.000,00 so I cant buy it this time :'( but fortunately, there's someone who very kind that has been uploaded it. Thanks God :)

Below is
the picture of the DVD. The credit of the pictures are for Arashi's fans page (ARASHI DAISUKI)

The limited edition of this DVD has been sold out *aw awa aw*

The appearance of DVD's cover


The disks and the booklet which is consist of 92 pages

Back Side of the DVD

The Booklet, looked thick enough..haha

For the further information, please visit arashi daisuki , then special for you Arashian who want to download the video concert, you can visit HachiA , don't forget to obey the rule (put the credit information and please don't re-upload it anywhere) :)


  1. Hello
    Could you upload it again?
    I really want it!!
    Thank you!

  2. hello akasatana,thanks for your comment.
    if you want to download the whole dvd arafes, please visit
    really sorry because i cant re-upload it since i'm not the one who have the dvd, and as mentioned in hachi's blog to not re-upload it everywhere.
    If you are Indonesian and live in Jogja, you can just copy it from me

  3. oh ok...
    thank you for your consideration
    do you know any other website though?
    cus the file has already deleted in

  4. unfortunately i've no any other source/web which is upload it. I'll try to ask my other Arashian friends, maybe they know other webs that can help you to get the ARAFES.I'll let you know by give comment here in another day whether it's there or not :)

  5. I just gat mail from my friend, she said that you can visit or but still obey the rule dont re-upload it anywhere :)