Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Congratz Franksie \m/

Good night,,really in good mood tonight \(^.^)/ Then this post is special made for one of my beloved friends, +Franksie Cool  a.k.a @FranksieNumb8 a.k.a Rahma Yunita Sari. I just wanna say, congratulation for you Frank,,wooohoooo...well done girl!! finally you have successfully passed the compre exam..WE proud of you,,you "beat" them..yeaaaaaaayyyh \m/

See, God is always sees our effort..just do your best and let Alloh do the rest :)
Had 2 days as the schedule for the exam, and got Mr.Suwaldiman, Mr.Muqodim, and Mr.Sugeng as the examiners in the compre exam are like getting in the hell, but you succeed "beat" them, and getting out from the hell. Really grateful then seeing you finally passed the exam :)

Since you have passed the compre exam this semester, I hope your thesis in the next semester gonna run well too. Keep spirit girl, keep being a girl that always on fire in everything. Haha. Never let anyone knock you down. Whenever you feel alone, just remember that you still have God that always be there for you 0:)

Ah yess,, below I put also the pictures of your celebration just after the exam :)

From left to right: @dwiky_hary , @linatrianitaa, @FranksieNumb8
me, @riizka, tyas, @Meutiarahma

Hyaaa,,then suddenly @HariLumos, @adeladelia
and @rizkyraja came around and joint us :)

The picture above is made by Rahma as her gratefulness to us 
that always support her :* :*

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