Friday, April 19, 2013

Thesis Proposal-Galo

Hollaaaaaaaaa,,,,it's been long time I didn't write anything here. Hoaa,,,really miss you guys :* :* :*
I've been busy with my proposal thesis lately. Never know that this thing gonna make me crazy T.T
I do know now how their (my seniors) feeling toward this thing! Oh God, really..i do want to finish this as soon as possible. 

Find the journals, looking for the literatures, understanding the material, etc, those many things are my new activities, even library is my close friend now*sigh*
One thing that always said by my dad, everyone has been in my position. Writing thesis is one thing that did by everyone in university. If everyone can do it, then I can do it also. Yeah, that quote which always support me to finish this thesis. Oh God, I really hope that I can graduate this year. I dont want more semesters...really T.T

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