Sunday, October 21, 2012

New CM Kirin-Arashi

Yatttaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,finally i can put the new CM Kirin-Arashi here. Even this CM is not the newest one ( I mean, it's been around a month since it was published) but I still want to upload it here, just want to share with you guys. It's kinda joy for me to see them into one commercial :)) Below I also put some links related with their CM Kirin in previous years. Hope you enjoy it then \(^.^)/

Credit: YouTube

■嵐 CM グリーンラベル①
■嵐 CM グリーンラベル②
■嵐 CM グリーンラベル③
■嵐 CM グリーンラベル④
■嵐 CM グリーンラベル⑤
■嵐 CM グリーンラベル⑥
■嵐 CM グリーンラベル⑦

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