Monday, October 22, 2012

My Birthday Part II :))

I think it's been almost a month since my birthday, but I just got the pictures some days ago (even those are not all of pictures).
Ok then, for my birthday in this period, my friends gave me surprise 3 times. For the first surprise, they were successfully surprised me, because at that time ( a week after my birthday) I just finished from Taxation class and stoped a while in IP's lobby waiting for Adzan Maghrib with my others friends then suddenly, Koh coming and gave me small BreadTalk bun which has candle in the top. I was like, this is the surprise from them :)
Hmm,,actually at that day I was suspicious with my friends acts, because Sheylla and Dwiky that lately seldom to coming to Uni were appeared at that time, but then they talk about KKN's grade that has been announced in the web, so I think maybe they were came to the Uni to find out about it. In the fact, I was wrong. I was happy at that time because I knew that my friends are really care with me,because they were came to Uni just to gave me surprise and greeting birthday, it was such an incredible since we are lately busy with our own schedules.haha. I put the picture at that time below :)

In Front of IP building (from left to right): Koh, Dwiky, Lumos, me, Sheylla, Rahma, Tyas, Lina, Meutia, and Abi

Nah, for the second Surprise, how to say it..hmmm,,actually that was silly-failed-cute surprise for me.hahaha. The story is like this, Meutia was texted my Mom asked her permission to decorate my room and to gave me surprise at home because they were know that at that day I would go out for the whole day. Actually, the funniest thing is My Mom told me about my friend's plan. Then because in the next morning my father would go to Jakarta, then she should prepare all of his stuffs, so i told her to reject my friends permission.huahaha..Then yeah, starting from that I knew that they still have another surprise for me :))

Even I've known their planning, i never thought that they still would do that planning at that day until I found Meutia's odd actions. I just then like,"Aaaa,, they still gonna do that today. Ok, I've to prepare." She asked me to accompany her to meet with her friend. The things that made me suspicious is her inconsistency , like firstly she said that she would meet with her high school's friend (boy), then changed became her "gebetan", the last changed again became her KKN's friend, then every time she called him is just like they have no clear meeting plan about the time and place. I mean, yeah they would meet in Alun-Alun Kidul, but hey, Alkid is huge, isn't it?
Then, the other suspicious things are I asked her to also texted Rahma to join us (just Rahma) but then, I saw Lumos and others in the park area (even just Lumoz that appear in front of me). That was kinda strange for me, I was just like talk to my self "Hey, what are you doing here guys?How come you all appear here at the same time, since Meutia just text Rahma and Lumos." But whatever, Meutia gave me any reasons that made me just like, "Ok, let see, what will happen next".hohoho. At that time, I was really careful with everything which I was afraid that they would push or pour me something liquid (even my brother texted me to be careful with selokan, kali, etc that maybe become the "nice" place for them to push me.haha). It was lasted until Rizka and Lina came brought me a box of brownies amanda with full of candles in it. Then Meutia also gave me the written greeting "Happy Birthday", as the picture below :)

Make a wish and blow out the candles

Took Picture together (Alun-Alun Kidul)

Just after i received the box of brownies with Tiramisu flavor, my friends invite me to played pass between the banyan (Beringin) trees. Actually, I was declined their invitation because to join it,you have to close your  eyes with scarf that would make you blind completely, then it means that they had big chance to do prank on me. But then they insisted even made a three teams which consist of two people. I've no choice then. When my turn was came, I walked to the tree carefully, till Dwiky asked me to hold his hand, then soon suddenly there's someone that would to tie my hand. I was directly pull it and try to open the scarf, but that was too late. They've poured flour all over my body. At that time I was just like, " Damn, they successfully did prank on me." The problem is at that time I was wearing a black jacket and veil, then it was really conspicuous >.<
But then yeayh,, one of my friend bring me her jacket to borrowed,thanks to Lina [I even give not back your jacket till today :P]

My appearance with the flour

I was trying to clean my veil. Well, when i watched this photo, I think that was impossible to clean it by tissue

That's all my story about my birthday which finally I shared to you. Still for my best friends, you guys are really rock \m/  Love you as always :))

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