Thursday, October 11, 2012

IPF Chairman Election

Today I want to share to you about IPF chairman election. Actually it was held on 29th September 2012, but I just got the pictures some days ago. Then before I start to introduce the 3 candidates who are coming from 2 departments of Economic and Bussiness (1 guy from Management and 2 guys from Accounting), as one of members IPF (haiah :P) I’ll share to you about IPF itself. IPF is abbreviation of International Program Forum. It is a forum and an organization for Economic and Business IP student as well.

This organization is a tool that bridges the interest of IP management and IP students. This organization's position is directly under IP management. IPF is consist of 3 divisions which are Student Activity, Public Relation, and Human Resource Department. Since 2009 i was joint in Student Activity :)) *so what* *lol*
Every Division is lead by one coordinator, then every division also has to make programs that can give more benefit and knowledge to IP Students. Oy, because of this organization was established long time ago before IP UII be united, then its members are just students whose coming from Economic and Business Department. But we never know what will the future brings, maybe IPF could be an organization for the whole IP UII where the members are coming from Law, Industrial Engineering and, Economic and Business Department students. Hopefully :)) 

IPF Chairman election conducted once a year usually not long time after the new school year. The candidates are the representative who are coming from every department in Economic and Business, the departments itself are Accounting (akuntansi), Management (Management) and Economic (Ilmu Ekonomi). Because the students of Economic is less than 5 students in each class, so there's no representative from that department. Then, those 3 candidates are Addin (from Management), Peter (from Accounting also), and Derry (from Accounting) :))

As the common election, the candidates also have to promote their self and campaign their own vision and missions to IP's citizen (haiah :P ) to convince and persuade them that they are the best choice to be the next IP chairman. Actually i want to upload their campaign video here, but unfortunately i can't upload here (I don't even know why). Please just click the link below :))

First Candidate : Jaya Addin Linando, usually called as Addin ( Management 2010 student )

Second Candidate: Pieter Krisno Mukti, usually called as Peter ( Accounting 2010 student )

Third Candidate: Derry Rifky Magista, usually called as Derry ( Accounting 2010 student )

Beside campaign through the media [in this case YouTube], they also campaign directly to the new IP students (2012) by sounding in their class in Bridging Program Class. There's also the poster related with their campaign, but unfortunately i have no the archive. :'(

In the day of election, they were campaign again their vision and missions in front of IP students, then they did debate related with the hot issue about IP, management, and IP students itself. The people that  came to the election also given an opportunity to join in the debate through gave the questions. After that, while waiting the others to choose their favorite candidate, there also performances from Elvin, Sandra, and any other 2011 students.  That was such an interesting event, I think. 

I put the pictures during the election process :))

from left to right (Addin, Derry, Peter) ('')('')

Addin before come to the chamber ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ

Peter in the chamber of election (˘-˘)ง  (˘-˘)ง  (˘-˘)ง  

Derry showed the election sheet ( '̀'́)9 ( '̀'́)9 ( '̀'́)9

Vote me,,vote me,,vote me!!! *\(ˆˆ)/* *\(ˆˆ)/* *\(ˆˆ)/*

The Voter queue - 2012 students ~(˘˘~) ~(˘˘)~ (~˘˘)~

Me and my friends (Sheylla, Meutia, and Rahma) join with 2010 students as the voter
\(‾‾\)┌(_o_)┐ (/‾‾)/┌(_o_)┐ \(‾‾\)

Performance from Elvin ( Accounting 2011) and his friend from Reguler ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ ƪ(♥-̮♥)ʃ

Performance from Sandra ( Accounting 2010) (˘˘) ♪♪ (˘˘) ♪

Counting Process └(˘.˘└) 

The Counting Process (˘-˘)ง (˘-˘)ง  (˘-˘)ง 

Addin was given speech for his Victory as IPF chairman 2012/2013 *:.. o(▽≦)o ..:*

Signing Process the Holy Book as the inauguration process as the new Chairmain of IPF
(´̯-̮`̯ )" (´̯-̮`̯ )" (´̯-̮`̯ )"

Signing Process (´̯-̮`̯ )" (´̯-̮`̯ )" (´̯-̮`̯ )"

Addin was took picture together with the previous Chairman-Fandi :))

Congratulation Flashmob [Gangnam Style dance] as the nazar from Derry after the election :))

~(‾‾~) ~(‾‾)~ (~‾‾)~

IPF Committee  ( ˘ з˘)~♡    ( ˘ з˘)~♡    

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